Monday, July 15, 2013


Our world has seemingly become a more hateful one, fueled by jealousy, envy and a social
media super highway that makes it easy to attack others without fear of repercussion. We
often despise others because of their fame, fortune, or sadly, just because of the way they
look. Some are mocked for acting too good, while others are damned for being far from it.

Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong,, A-Rod, and Manti' Te'o didn't turn out to be the people
we thought they were and they became athletes that we love to hate. Barry Bonds, Roger
Clemens,and Bobby Valentine never made it easy for anybody to like them and since they
didn't appear to care, they were hated even more.

The sports world is filled with liars, cheaters, and even alleged murderers, yet people have
a problem with Tim Tebow. Really?

It's littered with self-absorbed ego-maniacs like T.O., Ochocinco, Dennis Rodman, and
many others who scream out, "Look at me, aren't I great?", even though nobody but their
followers on Twitter seems to really care. Mike Rice fires basketballs at his players, Joe
Paterno looks the other way, and Ryan Braun has a new excuse for the PED cloud hovering,
just about every other day.

And people want to criticize Tim Tebow? Seriously?

I don't get it. The sports world has turned into one giant cess pool and people want to
hate on the one guy who appears to be squeaky clean? Tim Tebow doesn't drink, smoke,
or show up on a police blotter and yet, people love to criticize him. Tebow has been tried
and true and has never wavered from his faith and people continue to bash him. At a time
when this country is yearning for role models who live their life the right way, haters want
to hate on Tebow? Incredible.

People seem to be offended because he's open about his faith, pointing to the sky or taking
a knee to pray to the Lord, but when Albert Pujols points to the sky and says that God told
him to sign with the Angels, it's no big deal. Barry Bonds seemed to do it after every one
of his final 300 home runs, but nobody gave it a name like the "Tebowing" stance, did

The media has tried to bait him, his former teammates on the New York Jets talked behind
his back, and many still hate him. Tebow has just turned the other cheek, choosing not to get
into the pettiness that permeates professional sports and locker rooms. He doesn't call out
a teammate or trash him via Twitter. He's just a stand-up guy who is just trying to do the
right thing and live the way his Lord and Savior, paved the way for him to do. What's
wrong with that?

Oh, sure, Tebow is not a great passing quarterback, or even a good one. You don't have to
be an expert to know he'll never throw a pass like Tom Brady, or even Brady Quinn, for
the matter. But when given the chance, he wins, going 7-4 as the starting quarterback for
the Denver Broncos.

Winning is all Tebow has ever done---in high school, college, and with the Broncos. His
year with the Jets was just a colossal waste as the team had no idea how to incorporate him
into the offense, something Bill Belichick will have no trouble doing this season in New

I read an article last week where Daryl Strawberry, twice re-born and on a whole new path,
said he wished he lived his life like Tim Tebow during the early part of his career. Strawberry
went down the wrong road, filled with drugs, woman, and a whole lot of danger, producing
a lot of deep regrets.

Perhaps, people bash Tebow because they are just envious of the way he has lived his life.
Maybe, just maybe, they, like Strawberry, wished they lived their lives like Tebow. When a
man is stripped of everything else, fame, fortune, and a career, what else is there? Right, just
you and you're reputation.

People hate Tim Tebow for all the wrong reasons. There is never a good to hate, but everybody
has the right to do it. I'm just wondering why anybody would spend any time hating on a person
like Tebow, when there are so many other shady characters in the sports world to choose from.

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