Friday, September 26, 2014


Five World Series rings, five gold gloves, more than 3,400 hits, and universal respect.
Yes, Derek Jeter has done just about everything in his 20-year major league career. He
capped his Yankee Stadium life in storybook fashion by ripping a walk-off single to
beat the Baltimore Orioles in his last game in the Bronx.

But there are a few things Jeter never did which is a testament to his character
and remarkable poise under pressure. Here are the Top 10 things Jeter never did in his
illustrious career.

10. Derek Jeter never complained about a scorer's decision and certainly never whined
about it publicly like David Ortiz, who went so far as pointing in the direction of the
official scorer to show his disgust.

9. Derek Jeter never had a tantrum and threw his helmet to the ground in anger. That's
right, the Yankees captain made more than 7,000 outs but never once blamed it on
his head gear.

8. Derek Jeter never had to be retrained by a teammate from going after an umpire or
another player. Seriously, Jeter is just way too cool to look like a buffoon.

7. Derek Jeter was never condescending to the media, had an obnoxious response, or said
anything really, really stupid or controversial. Helloooooooooooo, John Rocker.

6. Derek Jeter never showed up an opponent or teammate. He was the epitome of class
and despite playing in the 'me, me, and more about me' generation, Jeter never took the bait.

5. Derek Jeter never whined, sulked, or put himself before the team. He certainly
never refused to go into a highly-charged rivalry game as Nomar Garciaparra once
did for the Boston Red Sox against the Yankees.

 4. Derek Jeter never showed up his manager or told him what to do despite his great
    baseball I.Q. and experience.

3. Derek Jeter never cheated, got fined, suspended, arrested, or even mentioned as a player
    who pumped his body full of fraud during the Steroid Era.

2. Derek Jeter never got in the face of an umpire nor was ejected in his 20-year career and
    that is close to amazing. In more than 2,900 games never got the heave-ho. If he had a
    gripe with the umpire about a bad pitch or call, Jeter did it oh so quietly.

 1. Derek Jeter never got caught dead sunning himself with his shirt off in Central Park.
     Good, grief! Jeter didn't want any part of the circus  after A-Rod's 
     suspension for PED's ended and left the game well before it arrived. 

     That's what you call a good ending.

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  1. When I saw the title I got a Jeter fan, then I read on...great commentary!