Thursday, December 18, 2014


Veteran musician Pat Devlin, former lead singer of the world renowned, "Danger men" band, is
scheduled to play Friday in Stamford at the Castle Bar on Summer Street.. Devlin will start
pickin' it at 9:30 p.m.

When reached for his reaction to playing before a packed house under the bright lights of
Stamford, USA,  Devlin said, "It's cool. Totally cool. Hope everybody brings everybody they

Devlin got his start  as a 6-year old , getting lessons at Rye Music. However, his career really
took off when his family moved to Lake Forest, Illinois where he became the king of Waveland
Avenue, playing outdoor concerts for the neighborhood that rivaled the ones at nearby Ravinia.

"Yeah, it was totally awesome out there", Devlin said. "I met these really cool dudes like Matt
Parker, Allan Simmons, Steve Gerlach, LT Swisher, Jon Tunney, we called him Tuna, he was
a big guy back then. And there was Andy  Peterson and Dan Jameson, too. Those guys loved
to jam. We'd jam all day and all night and sometimes drink in between," Devlin said with a hearty

After two short but fulfilling years in Lake Forest, Devlin and his family moved back East to
New Canaan, CT. Have guitar, will travel and Devlin who took his electric one everywhere he
went, settled in and played with a variety of bands including "The Anchient New Cat Revival,"
"The Hurting Dog" band and the highly-popular "Uh-Oh" group.

Friday night at the Castle Bar in Stamford, Devlin, who listed Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, and
Jimi Hendrix as his musical inspirations,  returns to the stage for what promises to be
a world-class performance. Tickets are going fast. Only a few left on Show starts
at 9:30 p.m.

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  1. I used to go to the Uh-oh's in Port Chester all the time. Kurt H. On drums too. I remember man... Best wishes Pat.