Tuesday, May 3, 2011


10. BROCK LESNAR Ultimate Fighter. Long before he became
      a heavyweight champion in the UFC, Lesnar was a gifted
      wrestler who won the 2000 NCAA individual championship.
      He also attempted to make the Minnesota Vikings as a free-agent.
      Lesnar is 6'3 and 280lbs with about 8% body fat. He is one mean
      dude, who would have no problem parachuting in behind
      enemy lines.

  9. SERENA WILLIAMS Tennis player. The only female to
      make the team, Williams is a freight train in tennis shoes.
      Big, strong, fast, and brutally tough. In the U.S Open two
      years ago, Williams threatened to tear the head off a linesman
      and shove the ball down her neck. She was raised in Compton,
      Ca, so you know she can handle herself.

  8. DANNY WOODHEAD Football player, New England Patriots.
      The Patriots all-purpose man is 5-foot nothing, and 170lbs soaking
      wet. He's pound-for-pound, inch-for-inch, the toughest player in
      the NFL. Quick, agile, and mobile, Woody would excel in ground
      combat and squeezing through tight spaces.

  7. CAM NEWTON Football player, Carolina Panthers. The youngest
      member of this team, Newton has the body of a hummer and
      runs like a Ferrari. He's 6'5", and 250lbs of twisted steel and can
      cover 40 years in 4.5 seconds. Newton is used to covert operations.
      He played at some junior college you've never heard of before going to
      Auburn. Newton has the guts of a burglar, stealing a laptop while
      a freshman at Florida. Plus, the kid laughs off pressure.
      Despite being caught in the cross-hairs of a pay-for-play scandal
      at Mississippi State and being the most scrutinized player in recent
      college history, Newton won the Heisman Trophy and led the Tigers
      to the national championship.

   6. DUNCAN KEITH Hockey player, Chicago Black Hawks. No team
       is complete without a hockey player. Tough, fast, and physical, Keith
       became a legend when he took a puck in the mouth in Game 4 of
       the 2010 Western Conference finals. Keith hardly flinched after losing
       seven teeth. That's right SEVEN TEETH! Think about that for a second.
       The guy was spitting chicklets and he returns minutes later like nothing
       ever happened. Keith won the 2010 Norris Trophy as the leagues
       outstanding defenseman. Would excel at hand-to-hand combat.

   5.  NICK SCHUYLER Lone survivor after the boat he was in capsized
        75 miles off the coast of Florida in March of 2009. Schuyler, a former
        football player at the University of South Florida, spent 43 hours in
        frigid waters before being rescued. Three other men, including two
        NFL players drowned and were never found.

    4. DEAN KARNAZES You probably haven't heard of Karnazes, but he's
        the fittest man in America. He an ultra-marathon runner who once did
        50 marathons in 50 consecutive days! That's 1,310 miles. Talk about
        will and mental toughness. In 2004, Karnazes won the Badwater
        Ultra-marathon, which is a 135-mile race through Death Valley in July
        Temperatures surpassed the 120 degree mark. Karnazes has run more
        than 100,000 miles since his 30th birthday. This dude is sick!

    3. MICHAEL VICK Football player, Philadelphia Eagles. He's elusive,
        tough, and lightning quick. You can't catch what you can't see, and the
        enemy would have a hard time capturing Vick. Vick is mentally tough
        after spending nearly two years in prison and the man can take a hit.
        He'd rather be hit by a heat-seeking missile like Troy Palomalu than
        slide like Mark Sanchez. I know what you're saying, "the guy is a dirt
        bag for what he did to all those dogs", but he's paid his price and he'd
        make a great SEAL.

   2.   ARON RALSTON Mountain climber and subject of the movie,
        "127 Hours". Ralston went hiking in Blue John Canyon and got his
        arm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ralston was stranded for
        five days and survived by rationing his food supply and drinking
        his own urine. You read that right. He drank his own urine to survive.
        Anybody who does that can be a Navy SEAL, no problem.
        Ralston also survived an avalanche in his hiking career and became
        the first person to climb all 53 of Colorado's mountains of over
        14,000 feet, solo in the dead of winter. Hello!

    1. DICK HOYT Triathlete. Hoyt,71, didn't start running until he was
        37 and has completed 86 marathons, 28 of which where of the
        Boston variety. He's also done 240 triathlons, including 7 that
        were Ironman distance. Oh yeah, he's done 1042 events, all with
        his son, who has cerebral palsy. Hoyt rides a bike with his son
        in a special seat in front of the bike. When Hoyt gets into the water,
        he puts his son in a boat and pulls him. Then pushes his wheelchair
        during the run. Team Hoyt has crossed the country, completing the
        3,300 mile trek in 45 days. Hoyt is man of mental toughness and
        incredible will, who has a giant heart.


        COMMANDER OF SPECIAL OPS. Who needs Sergeant Hulka
        when you can have Bill Belichick? This disciplined, cold-blooded
        football coach, would make a great leader of this Navy SEAL team.
        He shows no emotion, is detail-oriented, and doesn't play favorites.
        Belichick is a great tactician who can make adjustments on the fly.
        If a man goes down, his response would be, "It is what it is. The next
        guy has to step up."

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