Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hop on board, here we go.

The New England Patriots got embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the Kansas City
Chiefs. They looked more like the Jacksonville Jaguars than a franchise that has won 10 or
more games for 11 consecutive seasons. Now that they are down on the mat, it's time for
everyone to pile on.

Brady is terrible and hasn't won the Super Bowl since he married Gisele, Bill Belichick has
turned into Bobby V, and Logan Mankins, the greatest lineman in team history since John
Hannah, shouldn't have been traded. Blah, blah, blah. Everybody has an opinion why the
Patriots are just 2-2 after four games. 2-2?! That's blasphemous in New England!

Trent Dilfer says the Patriots aren't any good anymore. Ray Lewis said something again
that nobody understands, and everybody on social media is ripping them.
#ThePatriotsRwicked bad.

Stop it.

It is not even October yet. Anyone who has watched a team in red, white, and blue
coached  by Belichick, knows they don't hit their stride until December. People seem to
forget this franchise is  51-13 over the last four years. Hello?

Has Brady lost something off his fastball? Absolutely. Does the offense look like Rich
Kotite is calling the plays? Without a doubt. Is the secondary the primary reason the
defense stinks? You bet.

But Belichick will figure it out. He always has. The hoodie hasn't gone stupid overnight.

Through all the injuries, bad draft picks, and controversy, (remember that Aaron Hernandez
guy?)  Belichick has always found a way to fix all the holes in time to keep the dam from
bursting. Man, he won 11 games with the immortal Matt Cassel when Tom Brady went
down in 2006. Belichick has won with running backs off the scrap heap and receivers
who can't do what they were drafted to do: catch the damn ball.

Brady is hardly done. He's still the smartest quarterback in the league and can throw the
ball. Few quarterbacks can rack up 300 yards a game with a line that can't block, receivers
who can't catch, and a running game that is average at best.

The Patriots have long been like an amoeba. They can adapt and adjust to what they have
and don't have and Belichick has always found a way. Always.

The Cincinnati Bengals are headed to Foxboro for a Sunday Night game on national
television. They are undefeated and recognized by many as the best team in football. Don't
bet against the Patriots. When their backs are to the wall and people are doubting them,
they often bounce back with a great performance. It's long been the Belichick way.

The Patriots are far from dead. Don't bury them just yet.

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