Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Everybody is dumping on Tom Brady after Monday night's massacre in Kansas City

Rodney Harrison says his former teammate 'looks scared to death' in the pocket.

Tedy Bruschi explains that Brady is 'no longer an elite quarterback.'

The sports talk radio experts who never threw a pass, played a down, or so much as
broke a sweat, say that Brady is a step slower and has lost some velocity off his fastball.

With everybody dumping on the Patriots quarterback this is starting to look like the Ice
Bucket Challenge all over again. It's like everybody is trying to outdo each other to see
how badly they can drench the golden boy quarterback with the near perfect life.

This is comical.

We really shouldn't be surprised at the attacks on Brady's performance should we? As
Derek Jeter was putting the final touches on a brilliant 20-year masterpiece, all the critics
and the sabrematicians tried to point out that Jeter was overrated and not worthy of
all the attention he was getting. 3,400 hits and five World Series rings is enough for me

When Peyton Manning retires it's inevitable that'll he'll get the same kind of treatment.
The critics will say for all his talent and records, he won only one single Super Bowl.

It's long been said that the media builds athletes up only to tear them down. They are
now obsessed with trying to dent Tom Brady's shining armor.

The three Super Bowl titles, two MVP's, and the best winning percentage among
quarterbacks are in the past now that Brady had one of the worst performances of his

Brady is 37-years old and according to the experts, he is declining right before our
very eyes. Oh, they're not exactly going out on a limb, since most athletes who reach
that age are not as good, not as fast, and not as durable as they once were.

My suggestion is from a page taken out of the book of Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X.
Packers Nation was on edge after the team started 1-2 and Rodgers was struggling.
The former NFL MVP then went out and torched the Chicago Bears for four touchdowns
and everything is right again in Green Bay.

I realize Brady is longer in the tooth than Rodgers who is still considered to be the
best quarterback in the league despite his slow start. But he is smart, resilient, and
still talented enough to get the job done.

He has always gotten the job done hasn't he? For some reason, Bill Belichick has
never surrounded Brady the same way the Colts and Broncos comforted Manning
with great receivers. yet Brady has always excelled with never heard of's, has been's,
and never will be's. It's nothing short of remarkable, really.

Brady has made Belichick, Josh McDaniels, Bill O'Brien, and Charlie Weis not only
look good, but very, very rich. Brady's also helped Robert Kraft increase the value
of his franchise to over two billion dollars. Yeah, Brady has been that good working
with very little.

Patriots fans should remember that and shouldn't forget how Brady ALWAYS
bounced back from un-Brady-like performances. He is focused, driven, and a man
of tremendous pride. The fire inside of his still burns brightly and one terrible game
won't define him this year. Most of all, he is a great, great leader and that shouldn't
be underestimated.

Manning's had terrible games, too. So did Elway, Montana, Marino, and Bradshaw.
It happens. This is just a blip in Brady's Hall of Fame career. It was a nightmare
game for Brady and the Patriots, but it is just one game.

So, to the Patriots nation and all the experts, do what Aaron Rodgers told everyone
to do: R-E-L-A-X. After all the Patriots quarterback is still Tom Brady and as you
will see on Sunday night against Cincinnati, that will still mean something.

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