Friday, January 30, 2015


After seeing Tiger Woods card an 82 Friday, it seemed only fitting the title sponsor
of the Phoenix Open made its name by hauling away garbage. Waste Management boxed
up Tiger's mess in a neat little box and sent him on his way after missing the cut.

Garbage. That's about the best way to describe Tiger's worst round as a professional. Missed
fairways, chunks, chili-dips, shanks, and pulls were the low-lights of the round. His lone
highlight came afterward when he met the media and channeled his Marshawn Lynch, joking,
"I'm only here so I wouldn't get fined."

It's good to see Tiger laugh at himself as others are laughing at his newly constructed swing
and the quotes that followed. "My swing is too steep after it had been shallow," or something
like that. Tiger talked about angles and other techno-jargon that seems to not only have
messed up his swing even more, but his mind as well.

It's hard to imagine a player with so much talent, experience, intelligence, and savvy going
through so many changes and swing coaches over the years. He has as many
ex-swing coaches as Elizabeth Taylor had ex-husbands.

Tiger, forget about the swing coaches and being so gosh darn mechanical. You still have
more talent than 95 percent of the guys on tour. Clear your mind of all the technical aspects
of your swing and just hit the damn ball. Good lord, 90 percent of the television audience
doesn't know or care about your swing being too shallow or steep. Whatever it is right now,
is not working. Oh, sure, I know it's early, but an 82? That's not exactly progress.

Why the heck did Tiger ever have to change what wasn't broken?

In his first six years on tour, Tiger won eight major championships. His winning percentage
in majors was a mind-boggling 36 percent. Then, in 2002, he decided to fire Butch Harmon
as his swing coach and hire Hank Haney. Tiger had been crushing everybody and by a lot,
but it wasn't good enough. Kudos to him for trying to improve even more, but come on.

Anyone who has played golf knows how hard it is to reconstruct a swing. Then when doubts
creep in because success doesn't come as easy as it once did, the mind can play tricks on
you. Then you ask yourself, was it really worth it?

It hasn't been for Tiger.

He had good success with Hank Haney, winning six majors, the last of which came
in 2008. Then Tiger's world came undone when it was revealed that he was a serial philanderer.
Then came the avalanche. He got divorced from his wife, then his swing coach. Tiger
fired Haney in 2010 and turned to Sean Foley, whom he had moderate success with but
no majors  with. Tiger let Foley walk and brought on some guy named Chris Como.
And now we have  this: and 82 and a missed cut.

Tiger says he's a work in progress which has seemingly been the case with the last two
swing coaches. But Tiger should hardly be a work in progress at this stage of his career.
Rory McIlroy has blown by him as the number one player in the world and nobody is
scared of him anymore.

Tiger looks scared of himself, unsure of his swing and where the ball is going. I know
that Tiger doesn't usually start his season this early and there is plenty of time before
Augusta to re-fine his swing. But an 82 doesn't look good anywhere, not on Tiger Woods,
the longtime best player in the game. An 82? This is Tiger Woods, not John Daly.

This is turning into a real sad story. Tiger Woods, a player who was dominating golf
like nobody before him, was ruined by his off-course festivities and his desire to change
his swing again and again.

Man, like the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, you don't need to fix it." Tiger should've
taken that advice in 2002 and just continued to torch everyone and rack up majors.
Unfortunately, he's turning into a case of, what might've been.


Commissioner Roger Goodell makes his annual state of the NFL address Friday afternoon.
After botching the Ray Rice scandal and staying silent on the DeflateGate, Goodell's talk
should be must see TV.

Here are the things Goodell will probably say in response to questions from reporters.

Reporter: Can you admit that you and the NFL severely botched the Ray Rice case?
Goodell:  I'm not hear to talk about the past.

Reporter:  You make $44 million a year. What exactly do to earn that money?
Goodell:   I'm all about the action, Boss.

Reporter:  Your VP of officials has admitted the referee did not log the PSI of every football?
Goodell:    I've hired Robert Mueller, a man of great integrity to look into that.


Reporter:  Have you had your balls checked lately?
Goodell:   Yes, I hired a committee to look into that and they are currently 4 pounds under              
                  the PSI required for a commissioner. They recommended Cialis, a sponsor that
                  pays our league $30 million a year.

Reporter:  The NFL couldn't find the Ray Rice tape and you said you didn't see it until it
                  was shown by TMZ. Yet, the NFL finds a tape of a locker room attendant going
                  into the bathroom with a bag of balls. Can you explain that?
Goodell     Yes, I didn't see that tape either. Was it 12 or 24 balls?

Reporter:   Why does the NFL fine Marshawn Lynch for not talking when the NFL
                   didn't send anyone out to talk about DeflateGate?
Goodell:     Y'all know why I'm here.

Reporter:    Why were you at Robert Kraft's house the night before the AFC  Championship
                   game. Isn't that a conflict of interest?
Goodell:     We're moving on to Seattle. Ooops, I mean to the Super Bowl.

Reporter:     Are you going to give Kraft the apology he's demanded for DeflateGate?
Goodell:      Next question.

Reporter:     Do you have any idea what you are doing?
Goodell:      I hear nothing, I see nothing. Next question.

Reporter:    Mr. Commissioner, you haven't addressed anything or answered any questions?
Goodell:     I'm only here because I didn't want to get fined.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I did it. I deflated the Patriots' footballs.

It wasn't a ball boy, locker room attendant, Tom Brady, or even Bill Belichick.

It was me.

I wanted to identify myself before the NFL identified me to the world.

Why did I do it? Simply because I have a pigskin fetish. Rex Ryan has a feet fetish,
I have a pigskin one. And I wanted to help Brady win another Super Bowl.

My fetish with pigskin started back in the 8th grade when my father gave me an
NFL football signed by my favorite player at the time, Bert Jones. He was known
as "The Ruston Rifle" and  quarterbacked the Baltimore Colts, who ironically, had
a 22-year-old assistant coach on the staff named Belichick. Yep, that Belichick.

The football my father gave me was a little deflated. Perhaps, my father knew that I
was still growing and my hands were just not that big to grip it. It felt comfortable
and I was zipping spirals as I played with it around the house and in the backyard.
But  for the most part the slightly deflated ball stayed on a shelf in my bedroom.

About three years ago, I was back in Boston on business and I heard Tom Brady
talking on the radio and he mentioned that he liked his balls a little deflated and it
brought back memories of the ball my father gave me that had a little air taken out
of it. I remembered how I threw tight spirals with ease and figured that's why Brady
like his balls a little deflated, too.

I had been around Brady a lot when I worked for NESN and was the beat reporter
for the Patriots. I covered every practice and every game for two years and was there
when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl in 2005. It was the last time
Brady hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.

Knowing how much Brady wanted another title and how much he liked his balls
deflated, I devised a plan to go to Foxboro for the AFC Championship to take care
of his balls.

I wasn't worried about getting past security and into Gillette Stadium. I still had
my old press pass from the Patriots, which I doctored up to make it current. I posed
as a reporter, but underneath my suit from TJ Maxx, I was dressed like a ball boy: shorts,
long-sleeved t-shirt, and a pinney, which I paid $50 to a public works guy in my
town to acquire.
I was good to go.

After making the three-hour trek from my home in Connecticut to Foxboro, I
arrived at Gillette Stadium well before game time. I breezed passed security, blending
in with other members of the media, most of whom I knew from my days covering
the team.

I was quite familiar with the bowels of the stadium, the locker room, game day
offices, and equipment room were in the same location as I remembered. I snuck into a
bathroom to take off my suit, in so doing, I was now a full-fledged ball boy.

I walked causally through the infrastructure of the stadium, but my heart was racing
through the roof. I knew from covering the Patriots, that if I got caught doing something
I shouldn't be doing, I'd never be heard from again. They'd throw me off the Tobin
Bridge in cement shoes and make me swim with the fishes.

From the report I did on the ball boys several years ago, I knew their routine. They
dropped the balls off to the officials for approval about 3 hours before game time.
Pick up had to be done two hours and fifteen minutes prior to kick-off.

I showed up to the refs office a little early, hoping they'd be ready so I could beat
the real ball boy to pick-up. When I arrived to the office, I said to the official who
greeted me, "Are the balls ready?"

Walt Anderson, the referee, glared at me and asked, "Are you the same guy who
dropped them off? I responded, "No. The other ball boy got tied up. I think he was
running a  tape down to Belichick. Coach said for me to pick them up."

Anderson reluctlantly handed me the bag of balls marked, "New England Patriots
Game Balls."

Remember that report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and Mike Florio from Pro Football
Talk? Yeah, that was me who snuck in the bathroom. But I wasn't deflating the balls
in there. I had some mean chili from the night before and it was screaming to come out.
And yes, I released everything and I mean everything in 90 seconds.

I still had plenty of work to do in a short period of time. I found a room which was filled
with all the practice dummies. I laughed out loud when I saw one of them had a face
painted on it. It was the face of Eric Mangini, the former Belichick disciple and Jets coach
who turned his mentor in for taping signals, creating "Spygate". Belichick has never
forgotten that.

I carried a gauge in my waist band and deflated a little air out of 12 balls. I cradled the
balls in my hands and they felt just like that Bert Jones ball my father gave me as a
youngster. I remember how easy it was to throw perfect spirals with that ball. I knew
Brady would find them to his liking.

Now, I just had to drop them off inside the Patriots locker room and I would accomplish
the mission. From my days covering the team, I knew they'd be in meetings with their
respective position coach going over last minute strategy. This would be a breeze. I
just said hello to security outside the locker room with the bag of game balls. I just
opened the door and dropped them inside. I hit the imaginary Staples button and said to
myself, "That was easy."

I drove back home to Connecticut with a big smile on my face. I got back in time to
see Brady hoist the AFC Championship trophy. He was going to the Super Bowl again
with a chance to make history. Yes, Coach Belichick, I did my job.

Yes, I deflated the balls without Brady's knowledge. I'm sorry for the controversy I
caused. I didn't mean for it to get so out of control. By the way Troy Aikman and
Mark Brunell, get a clue. Brady is not a cheater. He didn't know.

But I certainly did. Enjoy the game everybody, it should be an epic one.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yeah, Bruce Jenner has certainly changed a lot since being dubbed, "the world's greatest
athlete" in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He was a gold medalist in the decathlon and turned
it all into green with endorsement deals and roles in a couple of movies.

Nearly 40 years after becoming a household name, Jenner has turned in something, well, um,
kind of strange. And you know what? That's OK. Man or close to a woman, let Jenner be who
he wants to be.

Jenner's hair has gotten real, real, long and appears to have had more cosmetic surgery. When
a celebrity does that and comes out looking far different than before going under the knife, social
media catches fire. Remember Renee Zellwegar? Good, lord. The actress looks nothing close
to what she looked like in "Jerry McGuire".  Instead of saying, "You complete me", I'm sure
Jerry would say now, "You look completely freakin' different. What happened?!!!!

But why is it any of our business what these celebrities do to their faces and why do some many
people spend so much time gawking at criticizing them? I've just never really understood it, I
guess. 99 percent of the people who criticize Bruce Jenner don't know him. Oh, sure, they think
because they watched him on the Kardashian's they really know what he's like.

If Jenner transitions into a woman how is that going to effect the American public? Will
they feel better about themselves by making jokes about Jenner? Wow, that's great. Use him
for a cheap laugh. Perhaps, it's why we have such a bullying problem in this country. If
kids see adults laughing and mocking a guy like Jenner, they'll do the same to many of
their classmates who look a little different.

It's ridiculous.

Why America spends so much time on the personal lives of people they don't know personally,
is beyond me. When Michael Sam comes out and say he's gay, the media goes into a frenzy
and starts with all the "Michael Sam is the first gay football player to......(insert your choice).

What does Sam's sexuality have to do with anything in your life? Why do you care? Let the
guy be who he wants to be.

Bruce Jenner is a different bird, so what? Why does he have to be who you want him to be?
Shouldn't you worry about yourself and put down the stones so nobody will think of shattering
your glass house?

If Jenner does transition into a woman, so what? We saw it before with Renee Richards in
the world of tennis. It was his/her choice. Renee took advantage of the freedom to be whoever
we want in this country.

If Jenner does the same thing, just let him be. He's not the freak show in the circus, just
the former world's greatest athlete who wanted to be who he wanted to be, even if he becomes
a she.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The 'scandal' of Deflate-gate has been both surreal and downright silly. Using my
best Allen Iverson tone I'd say that "we're talking about deflated footballs. No, not a
great Super Bowl match-up, but deflated footballs. No, not the Seahawks Legion of
Boom against the Patriots offense, but balls that had a little air taken out of them."

Yes, the entire nation seems to be obsessed with deflated balls and the alleged cheating
by the Patriots over the last 10 days. The so-called experts have told us how rubbing
balls can deflate them (could be a first) in addition to the effect climate changes have
on PSI. PSI? Yes, that's right, football games can now be decided by PSI.

Nearly everyone from the science guy Bill Nye, to and a tear-filled Mark Brunell, a
former NFL quarterback who made so many bad investments with his millions that he
had to file Chapter 11, has an opinion on this case.

Everybody has talked about Deflate-gate except Roger Goodell, the  NFL Commissioner
who gets paid $44 million to seemingly run away like Forest Gump and say nothing.

This case has gotten so comical its main characters were spoofed in the opening of "Saturday
Night Live" last week. That skit was given more thought than many of the so-called experts
and NFL "insiders" have given this case.

On Tuesday, Jay Glazer, an NFL "insider" for Fox Sports, broke the news the NFL
is looking at a locker room attendant (ball boy) at Gillette Stadium as 'a person of interest'
in the league's investigation. Glazer said the league even has video of the locker room
attendant in action! Yes, that's right. The NFL could never find the Ray Rice video but they
hunt down video of some kid with a bag of balls in just over a week. It's amazing what
people will find when they really want to.

The line:  'a person of interest' is just as laughable. Glazer makes it seem like that kid got
away with hawking six diamond bracelets from Tiffany's instead of taking a bag of balls
somewhere. What is next? Water boarding torture to get the kid to talk?

On Tuesday night, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk one-upped Glazer by saying the video
shows the ball boy taking the bag of balls from the referees office into the bathroom and
he was in there a full 90 seconds! Oh, my, somebody went into the bathroom for 90 seconds!

The experts moved in swiftly with opinions. They said 90 seconds would probably be enough
time to stick a gauge in 11 footballs, let some air out, then check it again to see if it was at
10.5 PSI. Yeah, right, a NASCAR crew couldn't accomplish that in 90 seconds.

I can't wait to see ESPN bring in a medical expert from the Mayo Clinic to determine
what the kid was doing in the bathroom for 90 seconds.

Chris Berman: We are joined by Dr. Richard Stool, an expert in excrement releasing.
Dr. Stool, is there any chance this kid could've gone number 2 in 90 seconds or less?

Dr. Stool: Shirley, you can't be serious?

This entire case has gone in the dumper. Some locker room attendant (ball boy) who
probably makes $50 bucks a game is going to take the fall in this case. Perhaps, he was
told never to let the footballs leave his sight or possession so he brought them into
the bathroom because he just HAD to go. It happens, doesn't it?

Breaking news: Deflate-gate is ludicrous and absurd. I wish it could just be flushed
down the toilet.

Monday, January 26, 2015


The news across Twitter came fast and furious:

Breaking news: NFL 'zeroes' in on locker room attendant in Deflate-gate.

This just in: Patriots locker room attendant a 'strong person of interest.'

News alert: Rogue ball boy in NFL's line of fire.

We saw this coming didn't we? 11 of the Patriots 12 balls were underinflated for the AFC
Championship and all of sudden it became the biggest whodunit since much of our nation
was obsessed with finding out 'Who shot J.R?' in the hit series of the 1970's and 1980's,

Was it the convicted cheater Bill Belichick? Or did the wonder boy, Tom Brady let the
air out of the balls to gain an advantage with his throws in the cold and rainy weather?
There was no way Brady was going to take the fall. He and the NFL would have way too
much to lose if the golden boy admitted he is a cheater. Nope.

Looks like the guy who is going to fall on the sword is a 'rogue' ball boy or locker room
attendant. According to multiple reports, the NFL's investigation is focusing on the guy
probably making 10 bucks an hour taking care of the Patriots balls. Yep. the ball boy
or locker room attendant did it!. According to the investigation, there is even videotape
of the ball boy doing something nefarious.

This has just made a whale of a ridiculous case, even more ridiculous. The ball boy?
Really? Yep, he just took those balls on his own volition and deflated those balls! Oh
my god, if American sporting public buys this one, it will be truly comical.

I covered the Patriots every day for two years and the people who work in Foxboro not
only love their jobs, but fear losing them. They know if they fall out of line and do
anything against the wishes of their bosses, they know they will fired. That culture has
been created with the players in the locker room all the way to the people who take the
tickets on Sunday.

Everybody in that organization fears Robert Kraft and fears Bill Belichick. When they
say, "Do Your Job", they mean it in every way.

There is NO WAY a ball boy is going to take 24 balls that were approved by the officials
and take them and do something like deflate the balls on his own. No way. There isn't
a snowball's chance in Phoenix of that happening. None.

Any kid working for the Patriots loves the Patriots and consider it a dream job, making
them the envy of a lot of people in the region. Do you think any one of them is going to
take the balls used by Brady and deflate them on their own? Do you think they'd even
want to take the chance of feeling the wrath of Brady or Belichick? No way.

If that kid or locker room attendant took the balls on his own and deflated them just
for the hell of it and caused all this controversy, he'd be more hated in New England
than Bill Buckner ever was.

So for the next 24 hours, the media will be covering this 'breaking news' about a ball
boy or locker room attendant possibly going 'rouge.' Good, grief.

Man, this Deflate-gate thing just keeps getting more and more comical. Next thing you
know, somebody will be pinning the blame on Ndamukong Suh


Most people living outside of New England see the Patriots as cheaters, a team that
thumbs their noses to rules and authority, doing whatever it takes to win.

They say the Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since 'SpyGate' and cheated again
to get to the pinnacle of the sports with 'Deflate-gate'.

It. Is. Laughabale. It really is.

I understand how it goes: people hate teams that win all the time. Remember the Dallas
Cowboys, America's team in the 1970's, was also the team America loved to hate. When
the New York Yankees were on their way to winning 26 World Championships, they had
haters everywhere. Still do.

Sorry, but the saying "Everybody loves a winner" is wrong, especially when your team
is not and getting plastered every year by the team that does. (Right, New York Jets fans?)

Since 2001, the Patriots have made it to six Super Bowls and had 12 consecutive seasons
with 10 or more wins. In this day and age of a hard salary cap and free-agency that is close
to amazing.

Oh, that's right, they've done it by cheating! Does anybody with an ounce of common sense
really believe that? You really don't think other teams try to steal the signals of their opponents?
OK. So when Jimmy Johnson said they do, it doesn't mean anything to anybody? Stop it.

First of all, the Patriots are wildly successful because they have one of the greatest coaches
in sports history. Not just football, but all sports. Hate Bill Belichick all you want because
of his appearance and demeanor, but don't be an idiot and believe the only reason he's put
together one of the greatest runs in NFL history is because he cheats.

Belichick, who has coached in the NFL (40 years) longer than most of his critics have been
alive, is a brilliant mind who has always been well ahead of his competitors. He out-'schemes'
and outcoaches his opponents on a regular basis.

And what did the Patriots do after 'SpyGate'? Right, they folded because they didn't have
the signals of other teams so they didn't win. Sure. They ran the table and went 16-0 and
were one lucky catch by David Tyree of the Giants from winning its fourth straight Super Bowl.

What did they do after Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder? That would've ripped most
teams apart. Belichick kept the team focused and they went 12-4 and made it to the
AFC Championship.

He has the  ability to motivate his players and have their undying support. If any of the
them step out of line and put themselves ahead of the team, they usually get a one-way
ticket out of town.

Belichick has lived by the motto that it's better to let go of a player a year early than a
year too late. He takes all the emotion out of it, benching Drew Bledsoe, releasing Lawyer
Malloy, trading Randy Moss and Logan Mankins, and letting Wes Welker walk. Those
weren't popular decisions amongst the team and fans, but they were the right ones.

The NFL hasn't seen the sustained success of the Patriots in a long, long time. What have
the New York Giants done since their last Super Bowl? Missed the playoffs four of the
last five years. Remember those Colts with Peyton Manning and all those weapons he
had? How many Super Bowls did they win? One.

What did the Colts do after they lost Peyton Manning for a season? Yeah, they went 1-5.
The Patriots lose Tom Brady for a season and Belichick's coaches up Matt Cassell, a guy
who never started a game in college, and the Patriots go 11-5. 11-5? What team have ever
done that after losing its franchise quarterback?

Now, a lot of people think Brady is a cheater. He deflated balls to gain an advantage of those
hapless Indianapolis Colts. Sure, make that assumption without getting ALL the facts. That's
what America does in this knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment, everybody is an expert in this
social-media driven world.

Its absurd.

Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time because he's almost as intelligent as
his head coach, is driven to be the best, and prepares better than most coaches, much less
other quarterbacks in the game. It's probably why he has the best winning percentage
of any quarterback who has ever played the game.

Remember when everybody, including the New England was burying Brady and his team
after getting thrashed by Kansas City on September 29? They said Brady had gotten old
right before our very eyes and was no longer an 'elite' quarterback. How'd that turn out?

Brady shoved it right down the throats of all his critics and led the team to a sixth Super
Bowl with him under center. Six Super Bowls, are you kidding me?

Yes, let's try to wreck his legacy because of 11 deflated balls.

Sure, go ahead and try to destroy the legacy of both Brady and Belichick because of the
perception of them being cheaters.

You really have no clue if you do. Absolutely none.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


The NFL's investigation of DeflateGate is being conducted by league executive vice president
Jeff Pash and Ted Wells of the law firm of Paul Weiss. However, sources close to SportsRip
said the NFL has already used Pete Schweddy and former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice
to test the Patriots balls to see if they were mishandled before the AFC Championship game
against the Indianapolis Colts.

SportsRip has attained an exclusive copy of the transcript of the testing procedures of Rice
and Schweddy, owner of "Season's Eatings", where he makes balls of all shapes and sizes.

Schweddy: Oh, look at all those balls. They are really beautiful. And to think Tom Brady
handled each and every one of those balls.

Rice: Give me those god damn, mother f#(!k#*ng balls! I want to see how far and fast I
can fling them at moving targets!

Schweddy: Settle down, nutbag. These are really special balls that have to be handled carefully.

Rice: You're right, I just kind of snapped. Sorry.

Schweddy: Now, look at this one. It seems to be a lot harder than the other ones and has
a really smooth texture.

Rice; Yeah, the better to pick off some kid during a game of bombardament.

Schweddy: Mike, if I have to tell you to calm down again, you're done.

Rice: My bad.

Schweddy: This ball seems to have shrunk just a bit, probably because it was left out
in the cold too long.

Rice: Hmmmm, interesting.

Schweddy: This one appears to have been hard at first, then went a little soft. It just
doesn't feel right.

Rice: Give me that ball. I need to test it out against that wall over there. (Fires a ball that
shatters a window in the laboratory)

Schweddy: Mike, you are out of control. We are testing balls. This is not Rutgers and that
wall is not a basketball player that you hate. Calm the f*-k down!

Rice; Sorry, I'm having trouble controlling myself. I see those balls and my blood pressure

Schweddy: Well, apparently, the pressure of these balls went down after the referees tested
them two hours before the game. They seem pretty hard and smooth to me. I don't know
what everybody is bitching about. Brady still has to throw a perfect pass doesn't he?

Rice: I would assume so. But it was cold and rainy and a lot of people think Brady is old.
He could've just been trying to get a better grip.

Schweddy: Well, I've gripped these balls over and over and over again. I am hard--um, I
mean, the balls are hard enough to throw hot missiles in the cold weather.

Rice: Oh, man, let me just launch a few at those students out in the hallway, please?

Schweddy: No, Mike sit the hell down and control your temper.

Rice: OK.

Schweddy: I have studied every one of these balls. They are smooth and all but hard. But
they are still tacky enough to grip. I don't know what all the fuss has been about. These balls
are some of the finest I've ever seen. Kind of soft, yet firm enough. Of course there can be
shrinkage in the wicked cold weather, but I don't see enough evidence where the Patriots
could have mishandled these balls in an illegal way.

I will tell Mr. Goodell, that while he may not have any balls, the ones with his name on it
are good to go.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hello? Roger Goodell, where are you? This is not the time to play hide-and-seek with
the media. You are the most powerful man in sports who cashes checks that total $44 million
a year and you're invisible---again.

This is not the time to go M.I.A. This Deflate Gate thing is spiraling out of control and the
Super Bowl is less than 10 days away. Every commissioner in sports is supposed to uphold
and protect the "I have to do what's in the best interest of the league" mantra and you
haven't so much as made a comment about the New England Patriots and their deflated
SpyGate, BountyGate, replacements refs, concussion lawsuits, domestic violence issues,
and now this controversy with the Patriots allegedly taking the air of footballs to gain
some sort of advantage. Seriously, your record is not that good and hardly justifies your
ridiculous salary. What the hell have you been doing?

This isn't like trying to find a videotape at a casino in Atlantic City. Everything you need
is right there at Gillette Stadium which is less than three hours from your posh corner office
in New York City. You and your investigative team should've been up there by noon on
Monday, at the latest. It is now Saturday, and your office released a statement saying the
investigation won't be concluded until sometime next week.

Good, lord, this is not the Lufthansa heist. It is not the scandal at Penn State or the good ole
boys illegally souping up their chassis for a NASCAR race. This is trying to find the person
who allegedly let the air out of 11 balls the Patriots provided for the AFC Championship

Forget about Robert Mueller, hire Serpico, Beretta, or one of the CSI units from CBS. Do
something! It's embarrassing and a disgrace.

You remember those Patriots, don't you? They were involved in that thing dubbed,
"SpyGate" where they were filming signals of their opponents on the sidelines. That was
the case where you personally destroyed all the tapes so no one else could view them.
Yep, that's what you call real transparent.

Make a decision on this case and move on, please. All this talk and stupid stuff I see
on Twitter everyday is worse than watching Mark Sanchez and his butt fumble more than
100 times. Good, grief, instead of water torture for the terrorists, give them a dose of this
Deflate Gate controversy. They'd cry uncle in 10 seconds.

Seriously, you are getting paid more than $40 million and doing what again? Perhaps,
you're still thawing out from that Sunday night game in New England where you and
your wife tried to "stand with the people" in the frigid air, eschewing the comforts of
the owners suite to show them you are "one of them", which you are clearly not. Nice
try, though.

Who knows, maybe you nearly got frost bite in your toes and Rex Ryan is giving  you
a foot massage to get better.

This is the second time in five months you pulled a vanishing act. After that Ray Rice
scandal, you went into the witness protection program. Man, haven't you learned anything
from watching our presidents? Yeah, they've screwed up, but they still get out in front
of the people to assure us everything is all right, even when it isn't. They instilled a little
confidence in the public about their leadership. You haven't.

Roger Goodell, be a leader. Just a little one. I'm tired of seeing #DeflateGate every single
dance and have to watch amateurs on local television try to tell us the difference between
deflated balls and non-deflated ones.

Take care of this now. If you haven't noticed, the NFL has an epic match-up in the Super
Bowl. People should be talking about that but instead, are drowning in this mind-boggling
ridiculous situation.

If the Patriots thumbed their noses at the rules and damaged the integrity of the game,
come down hard on them. If they didn't, apologize and move on. The god dang Super
Bowl is coming up fast and will be here before you know it. Diffuse Deflate Gate and
let's hype the game.

Do something. Or in the words of Bill Belichick, just "Do Your Job!"


I read a tweet from veteran ESPN anchor Linda Cohn in response to all those who questioned
whether or not Tom Brady was telling the truth about his involvement in "DeflateGate".

"Why would Tom Brady lie?", Cohn tweeted.

This came as a shocked to me because Cohn has worked at the World Wide Leader of sports
for years and 'SportsCenter' covers every significant news story over the years, many that have
seen athletes from A-Rod to Armstrong not only outed for cheating but being bald-face liars, as

Did Cohn forget about Katie Couric's interview with A-Rod where she asked him if he
ever took PED's?

A-Rod after a pause and quick look off-camera: "No".

Bob Ley asked Lance Armstrong on "Outside the Lines" if he ever used PED's.

Armstrong, staring into the camera and careful not to blink: "No".

Marion Jones: "No"

Tyler Hamilton: "No"

I was watching a NFL Network "A Football Life" several weeks ago on Lyle Alzado and
Maria Shriver asked Alzado who was looking massive at the age of 39-year old if he was using

Alzado: (Laughing) Are you kidding me?

Hey, Pete Rose, did you ever bet on baseball?

Rose: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yes, OK, I did. Now, buy my book for $29.95

Remember when USC defensive back Josh Shaw said he jumped off a second-story balcony
before diving into a pool to save his nephew? Yeah, how'd that story turn out?

Michael Vick, did you kill dogs? Vick: Who me? No, Mr. Commissioner, I've never do
anything like that?

Why would Shaw, Alzado, Hamilton, Jones, Vick, Rose,  Armstrong, and A-Rod ever lie?
People usually lie when they are protecting something, whether it be a reputation, record, endorsement deal, and of course, their legacy.

I remember A-Rod, long after his infamous lying interview with Couric, ranting about fighting
for his legacy in an interview with WFAN's Mike Francessa. He said he didn't use PED's after
2005 and didn't purchase them from Anthony Bosch. How'd that turn out---again? A-Rod was
caught lying. Again.

People lie. All. The. Time. Haven't we learned that already? Some are better at it than
others and are just more believable.

A lot of people weren't buying Brady's story that he had nothing to do with deflating the
balls after they were approved by the referees. And that's fair because after all the lies
and deceit from high-profile athletes in the past, Brady is fair game, even with the pristine
and all-american image he has built and maintained.

The question, "Why would anybody lie?", is so laughable in this day and age. Right,
why would Bernie Madoff lie to thousands of his clients. Greed, pure unadulterated greed.

Greed, legacy, reputation,'s always something, isn't it?  The world is full of
liars and it's turning out the sports world is filled to the brim with them. There is just so
much money in sports today many people in that world have become so greedy. Heck,
I haven't even gotten to the cash cow that is the NCAA. Does anybody think its president
Mark Emmert has been forthright about everything?

Nobody is perfect in the world, that''s for sure. There are immoral and corrupt people and
that will be never change. People will push the envelope, test borders, and see just how
much they will get away with. They will even lie. A lot.

So no member of the media, not Linda Cohn, or anybody else should ever ask, "Why would
they lie?". The question really should be, "Why wouldn't they lie?".