Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am thankful for my health. The groin pulls and calf strains may occur more frequently now
and the grooves around my eyes are deeper, but I'm thankful that I'm still upright and strong
enough to run marathons, swim across lakes, and complete an Ironman.

I am thankful that I have a job that I love and work with people who share the same passion, commitment and interests that I do. Love what you do, do what you love, and not have to worry about co-workers stabbing you in the back and throwing you under the bus is a beautiful thing.

I'm thankful I still have a lot of hair and women between the ages of 75 and 98 on Christian. find me cute as a button.

I am thankful to have an unbelievable circle of friends. From Rye, New York to Lake Forest, Ill.
to New Canaan, CT. to Chapel Hill, NC to Atlanta, Ga. to Boston, MA, I have met some
great people who are loyal and just flat-out incredible.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with six incredible nieces and nephews who I treat
as if they are my own children. Wow. They touch my heart every time I see them.

I am not wealthy, but I'm thankful I've been enriched with opportunities that have made this
a truly wonderful life. Baseball at UNC, with the Red Sox, "Bull Durham", a sportscaster
covering Super Bowls, World Series, Olympics, Final Fours---yeah, sorry, but I do sometimes
feel like Walter Mitty. Oh, sure, I've had some serious hard knocks a long the way- been
fired, laid off, and thrown under the bus, but it's all been part of a wild and exciting journey.

Most of all, I am thankful for an incredible family. Kara is one amazing sister. She is filled
with so much love, thoughtfulness, and one giant heart. Those who know her, know she
was blessed with not only great athletic talent, but humbleness and a terrific sense of humor, too

Brother Pat is a beautiful human being. Has never uttered a bad word about anybody and
has become a great father and husband. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but we've always
been on the same page and he would do anything for me without asking anything in

My mom. Wow. I am so thankful to have her as my mother and great friend. So selfless,
giving, and understanding. After my father passed away, she became the rock of the family.
Simply amazing. She took care of my ailing dad for five years, 24/7 and did it with
strength, courage, and such amazing dignity. I love and admire her so much for that. I
was truly blessed to have such tremendous parents.

I am thankful, truly thankful during this holiday season.

I wish you all and your families all the best during this most special time of the year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


1O.  JOSH SHAW  Give the USC defensive back some serious credit for having a fertile
        imagination. He sprained both ankles and told his coaches that he suffered them while
        jumping off a second-floor balcony to get to a pool where his nephew was drowning.
        What a hero! What a story! What a lie! When pressured to give details about the story
        the Trojans' captain cracked under pressure and admitted the whole thing was lie. Hero
        to zero in less than 24 hours.

  9.   JOSE CANSECO The steroid king is the king of drama and seemingly addicted to
        attention. While cleaning his gun one afternoon, it accidentally went off. (I'm totally shocked)
        and the bullet took off part of his finger. Doctors attached it but a few weeks later while
        playing poker, the finger fell off. Canseco  said he was going to sell it on eBay.
        That's Canseco being Canseco. Go away, please. Like now.

  8.   A-ROD seems to make this list every year. After sitting out all of 2013 because
        MLB suspended him for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal, it was discovered
        that A-Rod gave his cousin, Yuri, a million dollars to keep his pie hole shut about the
        amount of cheat A-Rod pumped into his body. Then, after denying everything about
        his involvement with Tony Bosch and PED's, A-Rod told the Feds he used PED's
        he received from Bosch. He's just the kind of guy you want your daughter to bring
        home for Thanksgiving. Right.

  7.   JUSTIN BRENT Speaking of people you don't want to bring home for dinner. The
        Notre Dame receiver was proud as a peacock when he showed up with Lisa Ann on his
        arm to a New York Knicks game several weeks ago. That wasn't too bad, but
        when the legendary porn star snapped a selfie of them between the sheets, Touchdown
        Jesus and everybody else on the campus of Notre Dame weren't exactly celebrating
        the score. The Fighting Irish haven't won a game since.

 6.   TRENT DILFER After the Patriots got blown out by Kansas City on September 29,
        the ESPN analyst declared New England was toast, "The Patriots are just not any good
        anymore." Since that game, the Patriots are 7-0. Man, that is great analysis and should
        find it's rightful place on "SportsCenter's NOT top 10" feature.

   5.   RAY LEWIS After news broke that the Baltimore Ravens might have tried to
        cover-up the Ray Rice scandal, ESPN turned to Ray Lewis for expert commentary.
        The former Ravens linebacker uttered the words that made everybody, including the
        suits at ESPN just cringe.

                           Lewis seemed to forget that he was arrested for a double-murder in
                          Atlanta in 2000 and was accused by the police of trying to cover it up.

  4.   RYDER CUP USA TEAM After getting hammered by the Europeans in the Ryder
        Cup (again), the United States did what they do best: whine and point fingers. Phil
        Mickelson threw captain Tom Watson under the bus and said they didn't have little
        "pods" to play patty-cake in like they did in 2008 when Paul Azinger was the captain.
        Watson ended up taking the blame and the PGA set up a "task-force" to figure out
        why the team keeps losing. I don't know, it might have something to do with the
        players choking, but I'm not really sure. What an embarrassment.

  3.   PATRIOTS FANS AND BOSTON MEDIA.  It's one thing for Dilfer to bash
        the Patriots, it's quite another when the New England fan base and media slam
        the team like they did. After the loss to Kansas City, they were jumping ship as
        if the ebola virus was about to infect them. The media said Bill Belichick couldn't
        evaluate talent anymore and didn't provide Tom Brady with enough weapons to work
        with. Fans treated Brady as if he were the second coming of Geno Smith instead of the
        stone cold-lock first ballot Hall of Famer he is. The Patriots have gone 7-0 since then
        and everybody's trying to back on the ship with the same passion and fervor as the
        idiots going into stores on Black Friday.

  2.   DONALD STERLING The longtime owner of the Los Angeles Clippers became
        a former owner after the NBA bounced him after making racist comments to his
        then girlfriend V. Stiviano who secretly recorded the entire conversation. Now, that's
        a loyal girlfriend! Sterling was forced to sell the team which he did for $2 billion which
        is an insane amount for a franchise like the Clippers.

  1.   ROGER GOODELL You'd think a guy who gets paid a salary of $44 million could
        do something right, but the NFL commissioner has been flunking a lot of tests over the
        last 6 months. He made a mess of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals and
        then after coming out to face the press after weeks in exile, Goodell pretty much said
        he'll have a new code of conduct policy and he'll tell you about it at the Super Bowl.
        See you in February, commish.


Monday, November 24, 2014


Brian Zechello is to sports television what Mark Zuckerberg is to social media: pure genius.

He is to producing what Antonio Cromartie is to pro-creation: potent.

His creative genius has taken NESN's production of  Boston Bruins games to an entirely
different level, making them the envy of every network that broadcasts NHL contests.

But for all his television talent, Z, as he's known world-wide, has a unique fashion
sense and style that separates him from everyone in the industry. He is bold and never
boring, simple, yet very sophisticated. A dead ringer for Chicago Cubs villain Steve
Bartman, Z is the everyman in Boston, a beer-chugging, sports-obsessed, hardworking,
and food-loving guy, who just happens to possess a cutting-edge wardrobe

Zechello, who is currently in talks to endorse Friendly's and Big & Tall menswear,
was a producer working in relative obscurity until one moment in 2006 changed his life
forever. As part of its new web site, NESN had a section where they sold company apparel

Z was asked to wear a brown t-shirt in a promo shot while his co-workers were outfitted
in pretty colors like powder blue, pink, and a soft gray. Yes, Z drew the short straw and
had to don brown. Brown? Seriously? Who wears brown and looks good in it besides the
UPS man in your neighborhood?

But Z managed to not only make brown look good, but he turned it into gold for NESN.
Sales of the brown shirt with the "swing for the fences" slogan on it, flew off the shelves and shattered the company mark for on-line inventory The previous mark was set with the
unveiling of Hazel Mae cardboard cut-outs, but Z blew up the standard she set in less than
24 hours.

Thanks to Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo and their shout outs to Z and his fashion style
during Red Sox broadcasts, Z became an overnight sensation and a small cult hero
in Boston. Z is now as valuable to NESN as the Rem Dawg, Eck, Peter Gammons,
and the mustache of W.B. Mason.

Everything Z has worn has become a big hit in the Commonwealth. His green
sweater with the crude reindeer that looks like a Rogie Vachon hockey mask on the front
became an instant hit and Twitter exploded when Z showed the world what was on the
back of it. Classic Z. He is only man in America who could make the backside of Bambi
look good. Z was "trending" for sure.

On November 22, Z took his fashion style to an entirely different stratosphere. Before
a broadcast of a Bruins game, he broke out one of the most god-awful sweaters man has
ever seen. It was like a Bill Cosby sweater meeting Cam Neely in a back-alley on a
Saturday night. That was the result of it. A mess. But with his Vince Wilfork-like body,
Z has managed to make it look spectacular.

Since donning the Bruins sweater, NESN has been flooded with orders from those hoping
to get one in time for Christmas to give to all their loved ones. Pablo Sandoval, the Kung
Fu Panda and new Red Sox third basemen is desperately trying get one before his first press conference at Fenway Park. This new sweater might just become a hotter item than the Snuggie's
or the Clap-on, Clap-off, the Clapper.

Z, who worships Drew Bledsoe at the altar and still thinks he's the best quarterback
in Patriots history, has been getting standing ovations and props from many people throughout
the industry. Hockey legend Don Cherry has been rumored to have sought out Z for wardrobe consultation.Same goes for ESPN's Barry Melrose, and TNT's Craig Sager. Tommy Hilfiger
has been in touch with Zechello's representatives to add a "Z-collection" to his clothing line.

Z and his talent for producing and picking out memorable wardrobes have not only made
him a star in Boston, but a sought-after commodity. He's been so hot, NESN executives
have given him a non-compete contract so other stations in the market can't poach the Big
Blue Ticket for their star behind the scenes. Management was rumored to have shot down
an inquire from David Letterman for Z to appear as his 'special correspondent' on his late-
night talk show.

The guy is hot and so are his clothes. It's not a fashion statement, it's just Z.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Bill Cosby never had a chance.

In this knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment-world we live in, the reputation of the television
legend is forever stained. Innocent or guilty, it doesn't  matter at this point, not in a
court of public opinion that equates an accusation with an arrest, an arrest to a
conviction, and a conviction to being bunk mates with Charles Manson in prison.

Nope, in our society, it's guilty until proven innocent and after the procession of
woman coming out to claim Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them, it's Katie-
bar-the-door, Cosby is a dirt bag of epic proportions.

People hardly know anything about these cases except what they read on the Internet
and hear on the talk shows and most of us, sadly, believe everything that's spit out
on television, talk radio, and social media. One phony news site ran an article
recently about Tim Tebow being arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. I saw
a few people post it on Facebook asking, "Is this real?" Oh, sure, because it's on
the Internet it just has to be the truth.

Seems like every former model and actress is coming out of the woodwork to tell
the world about their horrific moments with the man who played Dr. Huxtable
on the show that made him mega-star. I'm  just really surprised Lolo Jones hasn't
come out to shed a tear and tell TMZ she was one of them, too.

Many are asking why these woman are ripping the wrapping off these allegations
now, with some of their experiences with Cosby more than 30 years ago. Critics say
these  former models and actresses are seeking the thing they desperately miss and are
addicted to: attention. They could be trying to forever attach their name to one of the
biggest stars in television history and get their pictures splattered across the New York
Post and social media highways.  For others, it might be about the money and cashing
in on something that may or may not have happened. (Because that's never happened
before. Wink, wink)

Defenders of the accusers say it's tough to come out and make accusations against
a legend, one who is as big and powerful as Cosby. They feel embarrassed, shamed,
and humiliated. I understand that and I sympathize with the women if the allegations
are true, but it still needs to be asked why they waited so long to come out with
their stories. They don't seem to be ashamed and embarrassed about it today.

These women go on television without being challenged very much on the facts,
(with the exception of CNN's Don Lemon who tried to point out to an alleged victim
what she could have done with her teeth.) And noooo-body would ever lie would
they? Good, grief, see A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, Marion Jones,
and just about every elected politician.

The parade of woman coming out to jump on the front pages of the tabloids and into
our consciousness is remarkably similar  to the scandal that rocked Tiger Woods and
not just the golf world, but our society. Nearly five years ago to the day of Cosby's
crisis, Tiger drove down his driveway in an ambien-fueled rage and barreled into a
fire hydrant. Out came all the sordid details of his double-life and philandering. The
image of Tiger as the perfect family man came down in seconds, like a vacant building
razed by two tons of explosives.

Did we get fooled again? Did we fall for Cosby's act just as we did for Tiger's and
Armstrong's, two athletes who carefully crafted their images into ones they were clearly
not. Cosby was the respected and beloved actor who came into our homes once-a-week
and extolled the virtues of character, respect, integrity, family, and honor. He was a
man of great wisdom, intelligence, experience, and laugh out loud funny.

But he was acting. And damn good at it.

How do any of us know what Cosby is really like behind closed doors?  Do we believe
everything we "hear"and make a snap judgement?

The problem with our society is that we see these athletes and actors on television
and we think we really know them. But we don't. We hardly now anything about them.
They smile for the camera and give up a 15-second soundbite on 'SportsCenter'
and we say, "Hey, he seems like a really good guy." The camera zooms in of the face
of Cosby during an episode of his show, he smiles, makes a funny look, and we
believe he's a great guy and of strong moral fiber because he's the patriarch of a
clean-cut, well- mannered, and well-educated family on TELEVISION. It's not real

I've never seen Cosby outside of his 'world' and I've certainly never met him, have you?
What do you know about him?

A tiny, tiny percentage of people in our society really know Cosby or Tiger Woods,
and few of us have actually met them. If they did, perhaps they get a handshake, and
autograph,  and a smile, and come away saying, "He's awesome!" Why? Because
he gave you an autograph? Please.

Critics are saying that the silence of Cosby is deafening and that he needs to come
come clean at talk. What is he supposed to do, come out from behind the blue curtain
like Tiger did when he first addressed the world about his infidelity. Is it our business?

Bill Cosby owes us nothing.

Cosby isn't guilty just because he hasn't talked. That's ludicrous even in this age
where the overreaction to the reaction is stunning. He's a smart man with a more
than qualified legal team? Does he have to dignify these women an all these
allegations with comments? Do we want him to get on stage or live television
and say, "Yes, I am a dirt bag. I did all these things. Now arrest me."

That's not going to happen.

There are certainly two sides to every story. The prosecution would win every
case if the defense wasn't allowed to do its job. Cosby might be the guiltiest guy
on the planet but we haven't heard all the facts or his side of the story. When
someone is allowed to make an accusation without fear of reprecussion the accused
is going to look guilty, real guilty. Is there evidence besides a few pictures of Cosby
in his robe, because nobody has ever sat around in their robe, right? Did he leave any
messages on the victims' voice mail like Tiger did?

Again, if Cosby did in fact assault these woman, then he deserves what the tag
and reputation he's already received. But please, let ALL the facts come out before
branding him as a dirt bag forever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Maybe Don Lemon just wanted to be "trending" in this social media and self-important
world we live in. Perhaps, all the attention he received for 'coming out' as a CNN news
anchor faded away all too quickly. There's a chance Lemon just wanted to make his
employer, who is coming off record low-ratings significant again even just for
the 24-hours that big stories receive before getting rinsed out of the news and Twitter

Maybe. Perhaps. Who the heck the knows what Lemon was thinking when he did
what he did on live television.

Lemon was interviewing Joan Tarshis, one of the woman on the growing list of those
accusing television legend, Bill Cosby, of sexual assault and rape, when he decided to point
something out.

"You know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn't want to do it," he said.

Thanks, Don. Way to play the armchair victim.

After Tarshis stated that, in hindsight, she wished she would have done what Lemon
was suggesting, he made the point to point out what he was really saying.

"Meaning the using of the teeth, right?"

I'm sure if any  parent had a child within earshot of this ridiculous segment of
television, they would've done their best to pounce on them with a pillow to
cover their ears of this horrible piece of 'journalism.'

Lemon continued to prod Tarshis for details.

"I didn't even think of it," Tarshis said.

"Biting," Lemon clarified, adding. "I had to ask."

"No, it didn't cross my mind," she said.

The only person whose mind it crossed was Lemon's and his line of questioning
clearly crossed the line. But civility and class, especially among television people
who kick, scratch, and claw for attention, went out the window a long, long time

In this day and age of social media, talk radio, and Q-ratings, the old adage, "negative
publicity is better than no publicity at all," certainly applies here.. Lemon and his
insensitive questioning are blowing up Twitter and while not breaking the Internet
 like Kardashian's bare booty, Lemon and his face are pictured all over the world
wide web. I'm writing about him, certainly others will be talking about him, as well.

But Lemon didn't stop there. On Wednesday, he apologized and decided to play the
role of the victim to not only gain more attention, but to deflect the avalanche of
criticism he's facing for his stupid questions

"As I am a victim myself, I would never want to suggest that any victim could have
prevented a rape.... "I've never admitted this on television, "he said. "I was a victim
of a pedophile when I was a kid, someone who was much older than me," Lemon said

Lemon is brilliant. He turned everything around and made it about him, not Tarshis.
He achieved his goal of getting attention for himself ten-fold. Now he is the gay
anchor who got assaulted by a pedophile. I'm sure there will be more stories about
this complete with tears and tissue, in the days to come.

I'm not being insensitive. I'm sure he has lived through the torture, but that doesn't
mean he had to make Joan Tarshis re-live hers,  thanks to stupid and insensitive
questions just to gain more attention for himself.


Life is not a bowl of cherries and can often feel like a "Seinfeld" episode. The show
about nothing had a way of making the innocuous, irrelevant, and insignificant things we
experience so very funny. We often watched "Seinfeld" and said, "OMG, that happened to
me. That could've been a day in my life."

My life became an episode of "Seinfeld" several years ago when I was working for a large
and powerful media company. My boss, Cheryl Baker, who was shorter than Costanza and
had a bigger complex than Napoleon, e-mailed me saying she wanted to see me in her
office. I thought for  sure I was going to get called on the carpet for something I did that
wasn't up to the standards of Baker, a micro-manager and obsessive control freak.
I felt like Constanza going into the office of his boss, George Steinbrenner, walking
on egg shells while waiting for the hammer to drop.

In a deadly serious tone, Baker said to me, "You are in charge of getting the food for
the Christmas party tomorrow."  I thought for sure she was going to bring up something
about the ratings or you know,  something really important. I stared off in the distance
and said to myself,  "She brought me in to tell me I have to get the food for the Christmas
party? Good, grief."

I remembered the great line Costanza had when he interviewed with Steinbrenner about
a job with the Yankees: "I must say, with all due respect, I find it very hard to see the
logic behind some of the moves you have made with this fine organization." It was on
the tip of my tongue, but I kept my cool and refrained from showing any disrespect to
my boss.

Baker told me to order a couple of pizzas, a large Greek salad, and some soda. Check.
Check. Check. No problem. She told me to contact her the next day to get the credit card
information to make the payment for the food.

So, the next day I e-mailed her to get the credit card number and didn't get a response
from her right away. I figured she was in a meeting and wasn't able to see it. However,
if she sent you an e-mail and it wasn't returned in 1.4 seconds, Baker would have a
hissy fit of epic proportions, which had all the makings for more 'Seinfeld' episodes.

Anyway, I made the order and paid with my personal credit card. I had some Christmas
shopping to do before work and I didn't want to sit around and wait for her to give me
the credit card information. The bill was $37.43 which I could handle.

As I said, I had Christmas shopping to do and so little time to do it. I e-mailed Baker
that I ordered the pizzas, put it on my credit card, and went on my merry way. There
was no way I was going to let down my co-workers who were expecting to have some
serious food for the party.

I try not to have my cell on when I drive so I put it in my console to avoid any distractions.
I went to several different stores to buy a few gifts, which ironically were for my boss and
co-workers. Nothing big, just a few gag gifts to liven up the Christmas party.

When I was done with my shopping, I went back to my car and immediately checked
my cell phone.  It was buzzing and buzzing and buzzing some more as a fleet of messages
came across the screen with the name, "Baker".  Ooooooooh, boy. I knew this wasn't

"You can't pay for the pizza!"

"Call me ASAP!"

"That CANNOT go on your credit card!"


"I cancelled the order. Put on company card!"

I'm sitting in my car of the Wal-Mart parking lot a week from Christmas and feel like
I'm smack-dab in the middle of a 'Seinfeld' episode or the comical Allen Iverson
press conference several years ago when he complained out loud about having to
work hard in practice.

I injected the former NBA's stars tone and started imitating him, "We're talking about pizza,
man. Not a 60-inch plasma television, but pizza! No, not an iPad, iPhone, or I-Maxx
theatre that I put on my credit card, but pizza!"

Was she serious?  It was my OWN credit card and I bought two pizzas! What was
the big deal. Aren't there more important things in life than worrying about somebody
putting $37 worth of pizza on their own credit card.

I understand where Baker was coming from. She writes every e-mail and makes sure
to cover and protect herself from everything. Every word was carefully written so
not to incriminate herself. That's cool. Some people are like that. Baker didn't want her
boss to think she made a co-worker put the cost of the food on a personal credit card,
perhaps thinking it could be a violation of company policy or something. That's
how some people roll, I don't.

I called Baker and it went straight to voicemail as I drove off to make it to work
and the company Christmas party on time. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as I hit
heavy traffic which caused me to be 10 minutes later to the party.

When I arrived with a bundle of Christmas gifts for my co-workers, Baker gave me
a dirty look and said, "Where are the pizza's? Everybody's waiting for them. You
didn't finish the job!" I wanted to say, "Um, you texted that you cancelled my
credit card payment and put it on yours. What's the big deal?"

But knowing Baker's propensity for hissy fits, I refrained. I wasn't in the mood to get
dressed down in front of my co-workers who were waiting oh so patiently for their
pizza. So, I walked the thirty yards down to the front desk to pick up the pizzas.
Whew! What a workout! That was far tougher than completing an Ironman.

I picked up the pizzas then made sure all my co-workers were served before I
started passing out gifts to them. The day before, a manager was yelling at an
employee just outside of Cheryl's office. She made a big stink about and went to
human resources to throw her co-worker under the bus and complained that all
the yelling hurt her ears. I bought her ear plugs, which I surely could've used
since I was on the receiving end of many of her verbal assaults.

Maybe, I'll buy a puffy shirt for her this year. It'd be more fitting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A 13-year, $325 million contract. No matter how you slice it, break down the numbers,
or try to justify it, the deal the Miami Marlins gave Giancarlo Stanton is insane.

Oh, it'll probably get the Marlins a lot of headlines, some national media interest, and
the franchise splashed across the Twitter-sphere, but they'll be rinsed out of the world's
fast and furious news cycle by tomorrow and  go back to being an irrelevant
professional team even in the city they play in.

After the high from the attention the Marlins receive wears off, owner Jeffrey
Loria  will probably have a "What the hell was I thinking moment?" The man who
hoodwinked Miami in building him a brand-spanking new stadium only to ignite
a fire sale (again) of his big-name players to shed his payroll down to a measly
$53 million, is going to regret this deal for the life of the deal, or until he can
find a sucker who will take the contract off his hands in a few years.

Maybe Loria believes the contract he's lavished upon Stanton will rinse away
the bitterness and pure hate a lot of people in Miami have for him and his
business "ethics." Perhaps, he feels all the lousy baseball the fans have had to
endure and high-ticket prices they've had to pay will be buried in the past with
this "landmark deal" as Loria has called it. Maybe he thinks the "cheapest man
in baseball" tag will be ripped off his back because of it.

Loria can make Stanton the face of the franchise, but with all that money tied up in
one player, the Marlins are going to have a lot of red-headed step brothers around him.
Remember when the Texas Rangers signed A-Rod to that absurd 10-year, $250 million
contract? They couldn't afford to build a team around him and subsequently finished
in last place every season the Steroid King played in Arlington. So, they dumped him
even though he was an MVP and the face of baseball.

Besides hamstringing the  organization when it came to personnel moves, the Rangers
didn't see a dramatic increase in attendance or television ratings. It wasn't a fiscally
responsible deal, and that's being nice. It was just plain stupid.

The same can be said about the one the Marlins gave Stanton which is  the
richest contract in U.S. sports history. Stanton who has 153 home runs in his
brief career, gets a nice bump in pay from the $587,000 salary he made in 2013
to $25 million until 2026. But why the heck were the Marlins in such a rush? Stanton
can't be a free-agent until after the 2016 season.

His season ended in 2013 after getting drilled in the face by a 90-mile-an-hour
fastball. Whose to say Stanton is over the beanball and the mental battles that
may come with it? He hasn't step in the batters box since that day in September.
Shouldn't the Marlins have waited to at least spring training to find out if he's
mentally ready to face 95-miler-an-hour heaters again?

And this isn't an NFL-type mega-deal contract that never approaches the pumped
up number that appears in headlines and SportsCenter. All those $100 million deals
in the NFL are not guaranteed. Do you really think the Cincinnati Bengals are
going to be paying anywhere near the $105 million Andy Dalton is supposed to get
in his contract? As soon as all the guaranteed money (about $40 million) is paid
out and his production tails off, the Bengals will say buh-bye and won't be paying
Dalton a nickel more than what he was guaranteed.

In baseball, every penny of contracts are fully guaranteed even if Stanton or any
other player suffers a career-ending injury. Man, it must be good to be 25-years old
and know that you have all that coin coming to you.

Loria said he hopes the contract gives the fans something to "rally around".
Seriously? When has any fan, even the celebrity-obsessed, get-a-life ones, ever
rallied around a team because they gave one player such an absurd contract?

It's never happened.

And in Miami, a city that's seen too many fire sales to count along with the
shadiness of Loria, this deal isn't exactly going to make them jump through hoops
and dish out big money for season tickets. Not happening. Not for one player.

Stanton is a powerful hitter and a class act on and off the field. But he is not
a mega-star like A-Rod was back then or Mike Trout is today. He's never mentioned
as the best player in the game and is well-back of Trout, Clayton Kershaw, and
even Bryce Harper when it comes to popularity and being "the face" of baseball.
He's not going to draw big crowds on the road or bring monster ratings, after all,
he does play for the Marlins.

After seeing these mega, long-term deals given to the likes of A-Rod, C.C.
Sabathia, Troy Tulowitzki, Mark Texiera, Carl Crawford, Alfonso Soriano,
and a few others, don't these owners learn a thing? Injuries, steroids, apathy,
and just plain bad production come into play and most of the players never
live up to the contract. The owners are paying for what the player did, instead
of what they can do in the future and it's ridiculous.

I know, it's not my money, but it's still ridiculous. This signing will just
throw the entire salary structure out of whack once again. Barry Bonds didn't
earn anything close to Stanton and he belted 73 years home runs one season.
Reverse those numbers and you have the most home runs that Stanton's ever hit
during a season in his career.

Man, you don't think Mike Trout is sitting somewhere with a huge smile
on his face? He's only 23, has already won an MVP and is the real face of
baseball. His $144 million contract is up in five years and you can bet, he'll
shatter the contract given to Stanton. Insanity.