Monday, September 1, 2014


Pete Frates knows that death is coming. The runaway freight train known as ALS is ravaging
his body and there is nothing he nor his doctors can do about it. They all know the end game.The disease has never lost.

However, the former Boston College baseball star who has become the face of the fight against
ALS, is a big winner. With the help of  Ice Bucket Challenge which has burned up social media
and inspired a nation, Frates has increased awareness for the insidious disease and helped many people open up their wallets and contribute more than $60 million to research and to assist those
who've been afflicted with ALS.

On Sunday, Frates achieved one of his biggest victories when he and his wife, Julie, welcomed
a little girl into the world becoming the proud parents to Lucy Fitzgerald Frates.

If this doesn't give you a lump in your throat or bring a tear to your eye, then chances are ice water flows through your veins or you're just not human.

Just over two years after being given a death sentence at the age of 27, Frates is enjoying all
that comes with the gift of life. A precious little girl weighing seven pounds and
eight ounces is his and will carry his name. How proud, how very proud he must be.

For two families who've had to deal with the pain, sorrow, and the sadness of Pete being
diagnosed with ALS, this has to bring a ton of joy and happiness to their lives. The break in
their hearts from Pete's illness, especially at such a young age, will never be repaired but the
birth of Lucy has to help the healing process and that's a beautiful thing.

Congratulations Pete and Julie.

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