Tuesday, October 27, 2015



I'm not sure how much of the World Series I'll watch, but when Bartolo Colon of the New
York Mets comes into the game, I will be glued to the television. As a former catcher, I just
love watching this guy pitch. The 42-year-old veteran is quite fascinating, really. He's
half-man, half-cartoon character and a player who draws comparisons to former wrestling
great, Andre the Giant.

Listed at 285 pounds in a media guide that must have received that number about 10 years
ago, Colon appears to be about a biscuit away from 305. Off-season fitness program? I
highly doubt it. In-season workout schedule? Perhaps, if it means making a run for Dunkin'
Donuts in between a day-night doubleheader. Colon is old-school like Babe Ruth. If it's
not moving he'll probably eat it, but once he gets between the lines, he's all business.

The New York Mets made a smart business decision when they signed Colon to a 2-year,
$20 million contract. They knew, even at the age of 41, Colon could eat up innings just
as he devours everything on his plate. Over the last two seasons, he's won 29 games, which
is something a lot of pitchers would love to have on the back of their baseball cards.

Colon entered the league with the Cleveland Indians in 1997 and seems to have been playing
forever. He has 218 career wins which is two more than Curt Schilling and also has something
the former Red Sox pitcher doesn't have: a Cy Young award. Colon won the award in 2005
when he went 21-8 for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Colon has been a rock for the Mets. Besides his 29 wins, Colon has gobbled up a hefty
plate of 396 innings. Yep, all at the age of 41 and 42. His record hasn't been all that
squeaky clean, in fact, Colon has been a little bit dirty. He was suspended by MLB
50-games in 2013 for testing positive for PED's. The Mets gambled on him and Colon
has paid dividends as big as his near 42-inch waste.

When Colon gets on the mound, he never seems to waste much. This season, 85 percent
of his pitches were fastballs, mostly of the two-seam variety. He paints the black with his
88 mph heater and often freezes hitters when the ball moves incredibly back across the
plate like Greg Maddox.

Colon is another reason to like the Mets. He's humble, humorous, and hard-working.
Eh, well, two out of three isn't bad. Bad body and all, America loves Bartolo Colon and
he could become a household name when this series is over, or at least have deli sandwiches
in New York City named after him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sadly, Lamar Odom has become America's newest reality show. He's the train wreck
the media has become obsessed with and is now feeding a social-media driven world
with incessant updates about his recovery and, of course, how the Kardashian's are
dealing with it

Yep, the Kardashians. They are the first family of reality shows who are akin to vultures
hovering over road kill, determined to pick off whatever they can to nourish themselves
(and their bank accounts).  Odom, a former NBA star who rode on Kobe's coat tails to
get a couple of championship rings with the Lakers, hitched his trailer to Khloe and became
woven into the fabric of the Kardashians, who some dim-wits view as reality TV royalty.

Early last week, Odom went on the mother of all benders, traveling to a sleazy brothel
in Las Vegas and dropping down $75,000 to have round the clock 'relations' with a pair
of hookers. He also blew coke up is nose and shoveled down 10 herbal sex enhancement
pills called "Re-load". Insert your own jokes here ______________________________.

Odom lost consciousness and was in a world of hurt before an amazing recovery. I am
glad that Odom is alive today, I really am. He was far luckier than other depressed-ridden
individuals who never made it back after inhaling or swallowing a bad dose of cocktails
not quite as toxic as the one Odom endured.

The media has been there every single step of the way, treating Odom as if he were
Kobe Bryant instead of Khloe's ex-husband. Oh, wait, what is that alert coming across
my screen?

BREAKING NEWS: Khloe has requested her divorce from Lamar be withdrawn and
and a judge has granted it.

Of course he has. In the world of reality television, the plot has just thickened and for
the Kardashians, there are big dollar signs in their eyes. What can be better for them
than the cameras following Khloe and Lamar as they re-kindle their romance which
aids in the dramatic recovery of Lamar?

Seriously, you don't think this has already passed through the mind of Ryan Seacrest,
the creator and executive producer of the show about the Kardashians? He's thinking

It's scary to think what happens to those who are part of the Kardashian empire,
especially men, or those who used to be men, anyway. Bruce Jenner hung around them
so much, he wanted to become a woman. Lamar was driven to near-death. James Harden,
you better run as far away from the Kardashians as you possibly can. They might make
you do something really stupid like cut off your beard! Now, that would be really tragic.

It's all so sad. The media, the Kardashians, and Lamar's near death experience that was
all self-inflicted. In a lot of circles, Odom would be viewed as a pathetic pig. He pays
$75,000 for sex with some low-life hookers, gets wasted out of his mind and almost dies.
But to others, Odom is a bona-fide star. Pathetic.

Sorry, if you think I'm being insensitive. I am not. Odom has serious problems and I
hope he gets help, just as long as it's out of view of the cameras. I don't want to see
him on 'Celebrity re-hab' with Khloe sitting by his side. I really don't. Unfortunately,
it's probably going to happen.

In Hollywood, everything is about money and staying relevant---no matter what. And
this appears to be a case of no matter what.

It's all so sick and twisted. All of it.

I wish the media would focus their intentions on the real heroes and not rinse them
out of the news cycle so quickly. I was watching those three young men who thwarted
the terrorist attack on the train in Germany and was screaming, "These guys are real
heroes. They should become household names." Sadly, they did not. But Lamar Odom
certainly is. Why?

Do you know who Chris Mintz is? Probably not. He's the guy in Oregon who rushed
the gunman at a community college, taking seven bullets in the process, saving a number
of lives. Chris Mintz should be a household name, but he is not. Lamar Odom is.

It's so warped, so ridiculous, and such an indictment of our society today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Shocking (wink, wink). There's another scandal in college sports.

Louisville is at the center of it, which isn't quite so shocking because like most high-profile
sports "schools", they value winning above anything else. I mean, this is the school that
hired Bobby Petrino to lead young men and the football program despite his sordid past.

You remember Petrino, right? He was fired from his $3 million gig at Arkansas for
having an affair with a 23-year-old woman, whom he personally hired, illegally
bypassing protocol at the university. He took the woman out on his motorcycle one day,
got in a serious accident, and then lied to everyone about it, including his employers,
then got fired.

Louisville needed a great football coach a helluva lot more than they needed integrity, so
they hired Petrino after a one-year stint at Western Kentucky. Petrino somehow passed
a thorough background check and landed the job, not to mention, a multi-million dollar
contract. Not sure if there is a 'morality' clause in his contract.

There was a 'morality' clause in the contract of Rick Pitino when he had a sexual
"encounter" with a woman not his wife on the floor of a restaurant in 2009. The woman
turned out to a bit of a psycho as she tried to extort Pitino and bring down the basketball
program at Louisville. She went to prison while Pitino kept his job leading the Cardinals.

Of course, he did.

Pitino is one of the best coaches in the country who can fill the arena, get boosters
to open up their wallets to feed the program, and have the team on ESPN repeatedly,
giving the school all the exposure it craves.

Today, Louisville is getting the type of exposure it doesn't desire.

A bombshell exploded several weeks ago with a book written by an escort who
claims she provided "services" for Lousville recruits in exchange for some cold, hard
cash. There were parties, strippers, and everything else that goes with smut and sluts.

Of course, Pitino has denied knowing anything about it, which for anyone in the media,
is quite comical. Pitino is the biggest control freak in college sports. He knows
what kind of gum his players chew and the color of the shoelaces in their sneakers.

Pitino is claiming ignorance, kind of how school officials looked the other way when
Pitino brought shame to the university with his sexual encounter on a restaurant floor
which the basketball coach admitted lasted all of "15 seconds", or about a minute and
45 seconds less than the Kentucky Derby.

The athletic director and president put their heads in the sand when that happened
because Pitino was bringing millions and millions of dollars to the school's piggy bank.
People make mistakes they said, and after all, Pitino's personal life is his personal life.

I'm sure school officials will look past all the accusations of "transgressions" being
lobbed at the basketball program led by Pitino because winning and money rules in
college sports. They will find a way to deflect the blame off  Pitino because he is
their golden goose.

However, they can't be surprised at the smut that has risen from their stable of coaches
with shady behavior. If a leader of young men had a few drinks, performed a sexual
act with a woman not his wife (violation: adultery), and told a few lies about it, then
should anyone be shocked at what it going on with the Louisville program now?

I'm not. I saw this coming from a million miles away. Louisville should've of but
they got blinded by winning and big money.

Monday, October 19, 2015


By now, football America has seen the stunning, "I can't believe what I just saw" ending to
the Michigan State-Michigan game.

On the final play, a botched punt led to one of the most improbable victories in the history
of college football as the Spartans shocked the Wolverines, snatching victory from the jaws
of defeat.

Blake O'Neill has been "Bill Buckner-ed", forever the goat for botching a play that seemed
oh, so simple to execute. He has been vilified and destroyed on Twitter, which in this day
of social media is almost worse than death. No matter what happens from here on out in
O'Neill's career, he will be remembered in the Ann Arbor for losing of the biggest games in
Michigan history, or so says the 'rush-to-judgement, the apocalypse is coming, blow
everything out of proportion' media we listen to.

Forget the facts they say, let's just crucify the guy and worry about everything else later. In
the hysteria of trying to make O'Neill the worst person on earth, people seem to overlook
something very important and that's how the Michigan coaching staff botched the final
play. They should be held just as much accountable as everybody else has in pinning the
loss entirely on the shoulder pads of O'Neill.

Take a look at the final play. Take a look at the formation and then tell me if O'Neill
should have his life ruined because of the loss.

10 Michigan State defenders on the line of scrimmage facing five Michigan blockers. A
Michigan gunner on the left flank doing nothing. The Spartans didn't have anyone back
to catch the ball, but it's not like Michigan could gain possession on the recovery of the
punt downfield by spreading the gunner out all alone to the left.

The Wolverines needed to get the punt off successfully to win the game. That's is, that's
all. Even if it traveled for two yards, the game, for all intents and purposes was over. Oh,
sure, Michigan State could've thrown a Hail Mary down to the 10-yard line and something
could've happened. We've seen it before, right.

However, we never saw what we did on Saturday, thanks to not only O'Neill, but the
Michigan coaches.

Michigan should've been in "max" protection for the punt. If you line up five guys on the
line to Michigan State's 10, bad things can happen. And they did.

Why didn't Harbaugh have the player flanked to the left, replaced and put on the line
for better protection? At the very least, that player could've helped out in the aftermath
and perhaps, even made a game-saving tackle. The "gunner" who was 15 yards downfield
was doing absolutely NOTHING. He was worthless.

I realize Michigan had three upbacks to protect the punter. But seriously, the avalanche
had already blown by the first wave of defenders because after all, it's pretty hard to
stop a 10 on 5 situation.

The Spartans defenders blew past the front line and once O'Neil dropped the ball,
he was all but a dead man. Those defenders were on him in a blur. But if Michigan
had more men on the line of scrimmage, perhaps O'Neil could've kept his wits
about him instead of losing his mind thinking about the oncoming convoy that was
trying to put him six feet under.

Perhaps, if Michigan had more men on the line, at least one of them could've
had a chance to prevent the runner from going the distance for the win.

Go back to the vidoetape or look at the above picture again. The formation is
more like a sieve. It couldn't stop the oncoming tsunami. No way, no chance.

Michigan could've built a dam to prevent the tsunami, but they chose not to go
that route and it cost them.

So, if you're going to blame someone, don't point the fingers at O'Neil. The coaching
staff should be taking their share of the blame, too. It's a team game and they screwed
up, as well.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

                                                                Dean Wormer in "Animal House".

Luke Gatti isn't fat but there's no question the 19-year-old student at UConn was drunk
and stupid and would've felt the wrath of the Dean of Faber College in the classic movie,
"Animal House."

Gatti was clearly drunk and very stupid when he confronted a food court manager after
he was denied service and his favorite dish, mac n' cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers.

Of course, the entire scene was recorded by a fellow student and downloaded on YouTube
to be viewed by millions. Forget about breaking up a confrontation, everything in life is
now just content for Twitter, Facebook, and YoutTube and just has to be documented to see
how many 'likes' can be accumulated in a short amount time.

Gatti, who has already been kicked out of UMass, is probably hoping time will help people
forget his boorish and despicable behavior. However, with everything on the Internet
forever, somehow I don't think that will be possible.

Sunday night, Gatti quenched his thirst with more than a few alcohol beverages but needed
to soothe his appetite with mac and cheese with bacon and jalepeno peppers. According to
several UConn students, this dish can only be described as "food crack." Gatti just had to
have it.

Gatti needed his fix, but a stubborn food court manager wouldn't let him get it because
he was drunker than drunk. Gatti was determined to get his mac and cheese but the food
court manager held his ground. He endured homophobic slurs, jokes about his job, and
a middle-finger in his face, but did not lose his cool.

Nice. Real nice.

The video captured a kid who was clearly entitled, disrespectful, and downright rude.
In many ways, it was a microcosm of our society today. Not everyone, but a good majority
of it. We don't seem to have a lot of respect for others and have little regard for their
well-being. Embarrass them, get a laugh at the expense of others---it's all good, they say.

I got the feeling Gatti thought he had his daddy in his back pocket and ready to whip
him out to protect him from the law as well as getting the food court manager to
acquiesce to the kid's demand for mac and cheese. Can you imagine the embarrassment
his parents are feeling today? "Hey, George, I saw your kid on YouTube today. Is
he going to be okay?"

As Gatti was pinned to the ground after going all Bobby Knight on the food court manager,
he could be heard saying,  "I am absolutely (screwed).

You got that one thing right, Lucas Gatti. You are screwed.

You not only got arrested but in this social-media driven world, you are now the
laughingstock of the planet. Perhaps, Anthony Weiner will do something stupid later to
rinse your story from the spin cycle, but as of right now, you are "trending."

Unfortunately, for you, it's never going to truly go away. It's on the Internet forever.
Good luck going for a job interview after a prospective employer has Googled you to see
your despicable behavior.

Do you think anyone wants to work with a guy like you? How will you explain that behavior?

I imagine you'll just tell them the mac n' cheese was to die for.

Nice job, kid. You just got expelled from UConn. Good luck.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Shootings. Death. Tears. A psycho. A president sends condolences. Funerals. Talking heads
debate gun control. And repeat.

Sadly, the mass shootings in our country have become like the movie, "Grounhog Day".
They just keep happening over and over and over again. At least give Bill Murray's character,
Phil Connors, credit for at least trying to do something to try to end the madness.

Our leaders and our government do nothing. Absolutely, nothing. And it just keeps happening.
Shootings. Death. Tears. A psycho. A president sends condolences. Funerals. Talking heads
debate control. And repeat.

We can't go to a movie theatre, school, church, or just about anywhere else without
the thought of some lunatic busting through the door and killing everybody. Sadly, we don't
fear terrorists coming onto our home soil as much anymore. Nope. Not when we have
home grown psychos carrying out their sick fantasies to make every month, "Mass shooting

Our country has spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of young lives to make
sure those big bad terrorists don't come over to the good ole U.S of A and blow up a subway,
but they haven't spent a dime to protect us from our own.

Other countries are shaking their heads and laughing at us (again). They read the Internet,
watch CNN, and scan Twitter and say, "What the hell is going on over there?". It's a question
our politicians can't answer, much less do anything about.

Can they try something? Anything? Just show us you are even trying.

Show some courage like Chris Mintz, an army veteran who rushed the shooter in
Oregon and took seven bullets to try to save lives. Seven bullets. Man, the government
doesn't have the moxie to do ANYTHING to save a life and this guy takes a pound
of lead to protect people he didn't even know.

What's wrong with this picture?

Sure, I know all about the Second Amendment and all the right to bear arms bullshit.
The government can't pass anything when it comes to gun control and fears the NRA
as if it's Putin ready to push the nuclear arms button.

But for the love of God and all our people can the government please look at other options?
Maybe a national gun buy back program. If you get a million guns off the street, it might
prevent at least one of these mass shooting from happening. And I'll take that.

I realize if a person wants a gun badly enough, he will get it. Many drugs are illegal but
they flood our country like a Tsunami. But can we at least TRY to eliminate some of
the weapons on our streets?

Mr. President, there has to be other, more creative options to help stop the insanity.

We all thought the Newtown massacre was the tipping point. It wasn't. More than 84,000
people have been slaughtered in gun shootings since then. 84, 000 lives lost. If we
did something to prevent 10 percent of them, it'd be a big win.

We have all these losers who don't give a damn about humanity, much less
themselves, who want to go out in a blaze of glory and have people know who they are
for the first time ever. And the media makes sure of that. They always glorify these
people by showing their pictures and by talking incessantly about them.

Ignore them. For once. Forget about being 'first' with the story about the psycho and
get "exclusive" pictures of him or an interview with his grade school teacher.

Seriously, it's not important and the only people who care about you breaking the
story are other news organizations. Nobody else cares.

There is now another psycho sitting somewhere in his mother's apartment fantasizing
about killing more people because if he does, the entire world will know about him.
Yep, just load up that AK-47 and blow a bunch a people away and you'll get your
face on the cover of a magazine or warrant round-the-clock coverage on Fox News.
Yes, the media has made it that easy.

And so has our government.