Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We all know the feeling. Somebody takes a picture and you're feeling
pretty good about how you're going to look. Clothes, good. Hair, check.
Then you see the final product and you let out a big, OMG! I look like
I just ate Vince Wolfork.

You thought you had a body by P90x, except that you're diet said all
"Dunkin Donuts". Not very flattering. A lot of people were thinking that
when they saw the New York Post on Sunday with a picture and the
caption, "DEREK EATER". The Yankees captain was looking softer
than the Stay-Puff marshmellow man after Thanksgiving.

How could it be? Jeter out of shape? Yes, he's been in a boot since
undergoing surgery to repair a broken ankle suffered in the post-season,
but Jeter rarely let's himself go or allows himself to be photographed looking
like that.

Is Jeter really that out of shape or did the New York Post take liberties
with the picture and Photoshop. I mean, a Big Apple tabloid would NEVER
do that. (wink, wink). They would never misrepresent the body of the
Yankees captain just to create a buzz and sell a newspaper, would they?
(sarcasm noted). They wouldn't pull out the shirt a little and make it look
larger, would they? Nooooooooo.

Whatever the case, pictures do sometimes lie. A bad angle, bad lighting, and
slight touch up with Photoshop can make anybody look bigger than they appear.
I was none too please during my photo shoot for the cover of "Sports Ilustrated"
swimsuit issue.when the photographer showed me in a bad light with bad lighting
and an awkard camera angle. There was no way I looked this fat. But they
negated any chance of me making the issue by accentuating my belly instead
of my silky smooth chest hair.

Jeter went on the defensive on Monday, with belly sucked in and tongue
firmly planted in cheek. He even had a picture taken with MLB's Harold
Reynolds to show the world, he was still tight and not far off from being
in game shape. Jeter didn't get upset with the New York Post for having
"a little fun" with his picture. It sure did gain a lot of attention and sell a lot
of papers, that's for sure.

Jeter has plenty of reasons to be smiling with Reynolds. Unlike A-Rod, he
will be ready for opening day. And if he ever starts to fret over the picture
of him being overweight, he can just say, "Well, at least I wasn't pictured
like A-Rod doing this."

Now. THIS is bad.

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