Thursday, January 22, 2015


Everybody who met Kay Timmis, loved Kay Timmis. She could brighten up the darkest
of days  and turn a frown upside down with her mega-watt smile. In a world that often
asks "what  can you do for me?",  Mrs. Timmis was the first to help others and ask, "what
can I do for you?"

The entire community of New Canaan is now shedding a tear for the woman who gave it
so much while never asking for a thing in return.  On Sunday, Mrs. Timmis passed away
suddenly at the age of 82. Nearly everyone felt the same, a punch to the gut, followed by
the words, "Oh, no. I loved Mrs. Timmis. She was such a special and beautiful person."

Mrs. Timmis lived a life of giving, teaching, and trying to make everyone  happy, which
she did by just walking into a room. She had the warmest of hearts and a fertile and festive
mind. She encouraged many who passed through New Canaan to challenge themselves and
grow into the very best person they could possibly be.

Since the 1970's, Mrs. Timmis walked into many school rooms in the New Canaan district
as a substitute teacher. Whenever a teacher was needed, Mrs. Timmis was always there in
a pinch. Short notice or hardly any notice at all, she would drop everything to do what
she truly loved to do and that was to teach the kids in her town.

She taught her friend's children and eventually their children as well. She was known by
everybody and universally loved. When Mrs. Timmis walked into your class everybody in
attendance knew it was going to be a great day. When word spread the great Mrs.Timmis
was substituting that day, students actually arrived early to class and were disappointed
when the bell sounded, which sent them on their way.

Mrs. Timmis was the matriarch of a bright, caring, and sometimes very entertaining clan.
There was Scot, Chris, Jeff, and a true character in Chan, who I played baseball with,
sharing many a laugh and a few great moments with. Then there is Kim, who for a short
time, followed in her mother's footsteps as a teacher at the high school. She is like her
mom in so many ways, giving Mrs. Timmis more than a few reasons to have that
perpetual smile on her face.

It's almost ironic Mrs. Timmis was a substitute teacher for so many years, on-call to
fill in for those who her were sick or had to take a personal day.

Yes, Mrs. Timmis was a substitute teacher, but she is the one who truly can never be
replaced. Never.

Everybody loved you, Mrs. Timmis. Everybody.

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