Monday, November 17, 2014


Jonas Gray? Who the heck is Jonas Gray? Sounds like somebody who attended an
elite prep school in New England. Undrafted, cut by the Miami Dolphins, and activated
off the practice squad, he can't be any good, what is Belichick thinking?

Belichick traded Logan Mankins, the second best offensive lineman in team history for
Tim Wright? Oh, that's right, he went to Rutgers and we all know that Belichick just
loves players who wore scarlett and black.

Brandon LaFell? If the stinkin' Carolina Panthers didn't want him, what the heck could
Belichick possibly see in him? The Hoodie has definitely lost it.

"Moving on to Cincinnati?" No, Bill, you have to replay that ugly game in Kansas City
over and over even three days after the fact! We want you to own it. We want you to tell
us that you can't draft, evaluate talent, and the game is passing you by.

Wow. Do any fans or members of the media in New England want a mulligan on that
one? Even in this knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment, convict, and condemn world that we live
in, the vitriol and anger spewed at Belichick and the Patriots after they got crushed in
Kansas City was off the charts ridiculous.

One newspaper went so far as to run a headline asking, "In Bill We Trust?"

It's even more comical considering that in this results-oriented world of the NFL,
Belichick has done nothing but produce great ones over a long period of time. Oh, sure,
the idiot clan in the Commonwealth will say the Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since
2005. Just wondering how many the Patriots franchise won before Belichick arrived in
Foxborough at the start of the millennium.


The Patriots have won three since, been to a total of five, and have strung together
11 consecutive seasons of 10 or more wins. God, Belichick sucks. Do you think the
folks in Cleveland, Jacksonville, New York, Dallas, and just about every other city
that has an NFL team would revel in and enjoy that kind of success? Surely, nobody
would complain about it, and most everyone would give their coach a "pass" or
trust that he'd right the ship.

Since Belichick moved on to Cincinnati, the Patriots have not only gotten back on
course, but are leaving everybody in their wake. The Patriots are 6-0 and averaging nearly
50 points a game. 50 points a game?!!! It's not even December yet, a time when
the Patriots under Belichick historically get better. And you can look it up.

Can you imagine if Belichick lavished Tom Brady with the same type of gifts the
Chicago Bears bestowed upon Jay Cutler? They would most definitely push that number
close to a 100! (Wink, wink).

Oh, yeah, and about that Jonas Gray guy. He torched the Indianapolis Colts for
four touchdowns and nearly 200 yards Sunday. Perhaps, Belichick just got lucky
as he did with Brady when he drafted him in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft,
but I doubt it. Belichick sees what other do not and he now has a jewel of a runner
who could help the Patriots pound the ball like they once did with Corey Dillon
and take the pressure off Brady, opening up the passing game even more with
play-action fakes.

Belichick knows what he's doing. He hasn't 'lost' his ability to evaluate talent and
his penchant for finding players who fit into his system. And make no mistake about
it, the Patriots offense is his system. It's not that of Charlie Weis, Bill O'Brien,
Josh McDaniels, or anyone else who has called a play over the last 13 years.
Belichick designed it and knows the parts needed to make it rev and roll over
defenses in the NFL. Brady is clearly the conductor and the best one in the NFL,
but Belichick has orchestrated everything about it.

This season is looking an awful lot like the one the Patriots endured in 2003. After
Belichick cut popular veteran Lawyer Milloy before the season started, Patriots Nation
questioned the Hoodie. Tom Jackson of ESPN went on air and said the players "hate
their head coach". After starting the season 2-2, the same record this year's version
was after four games, the Patriots ran the table and and won the Super Bowl. They
also achieved it by using a mind-boggling 42 different starters because of injuries.

Yep, Belichick didn't know what he was doing then, and he certainly must not know
what he's doing now.

Hope you learned a great lesson from Belichick, Patriots fans. And while he may
have been 'moving on to Cincinnati', he was really just telling all the doubters:
"See you in Glendale."

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