Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Impossible is nothing.

Joe Moglia proved that when he was named head football coach of Coastal Carolina at
the age of 62. He had built TD Ameritrade into a multi-billion dollar company and then
walked away to re-capture his dream of being a college football coach. In three years
at Coastal Carolina, the the team has compiled a 20-8 record. Imagine that, somebody
took a chance on a man in his 60's who believed he had the formula to make a college
program successful.

At 50-years old, I'm looking to recapture my dream of being a sports anchor. I worked
in the business for 17 years, making stops at such places as Fox Sports Net, NESN, and I had many great opportunities in the business including the beat covering
the New England Patriots on a daily basis.

Sportscasting is my passion. I took the same work ethic that earned me a baseball
scholarship to UNC and landed me a free-agent contract with the Boston Red Sox
organization, into the field of broadcasting. As those who worked with me can attest,
I'm creative and often think outside the box. I am also good at working under pressure.
Long before the Ice Bucket challenge became a phenomenon, I took a celebration
show with Evan Longoria and the Tampa Bay Rays.

That beer was cold enough to cause a serious brain freeze but I somehow managed to keep
my thoughts in-sync with my mouth. During my career in television I found ways to make
something out of nothing. While covering the Patriots, there were some dry days when the
players didn't feel much like talking so I did a piece about those bad haircuts the rookies get
in training camp.

I loved my job and was passionate about it not only every single day, but every single
show and feature I produced. I had the same all-out, all-the-time attitude whether I was
making $18,000 in Erie, Pa. or six figures for Fox Sports Net in Atlanta. I never considered
it a job, but a love. I vowed to never be outworked or outhustled. Sure, I got beat on a
story, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. You can't win them all, but you sure as heck can
be happy and love your job no matter where you are. Don't believe me? Check this out.

Ok, so I'm not a great dancer, but I do know sports and how to tell a story. Did you every
wonder what it's like to be Tom Brady? I told that story a few years ago while covering the
One more thing I bring to the table that may set me apart from other candidates, is that
I've been on the silver screen standing side-by-side with Kevin Costner before he gave me
the tip of lifetime. "Charlie, here comes the deuce, and when you speak of me, speak well."
I am an athlete through and through. I played baseball at UNC and in the Red Sox organization
before covering sports for the last  17 years. And I haven't stopped. I'm a triathlete who recently
completed the Ironman in Lake Placid.
I'm a lot like Joe Moglia: driven, passionate, hard-working, and driven. He recaptured his
dream. I fully intend to do the same. E-mail me

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