Monday, June 10, 2013


At around 5:20pm EST, the news of Tim Tebow signing with the New England Patriots
flooded Facebook and Twitter like a tsunami. The most polarizing figure in NFL history caused
a huge reaction among social media users and most of it started with the letters "WTF?" or "NFW!

That's right, God's quarterback will be playing for Bill Belichick and a team that most people
outside of New England, love to hate. Would love to see the reaction of Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens after he gets the news of Tebow hooking on with the Patriots. I'm sure by the
time I've  written this article, there will be 1,000 posts on Twitter by players from around the NFL stating their opinion. After all, EVERYBODY in the world has an opinion on Tebow.

After Tebow was released by the New York Jets in March, a lot of people around the league
thought New England would be a good landing spot for Tebow. Josh McDaniels, who drafted
Tebow when he was the head coach with Denver, is the Patriots offensive coordinator and is
said to be a huge fan of Tebow and what he can bring to an offense.

But that died down after Michael Silver of Yahoo, who happens to be great friends with Tom
Brady, wrote that Belichick "hates" Tebow as a football player. Just a few days ago, the Hoodie refuted  that report. On Monday, the Patriots signed the former Heisman Trophy quarterback
from Florida.

The circus is officially open.

Here are the Top 5 reasons Tebow will work out in Florida.

PATRIOTS NEED A SPARK. I realize the Patriots win 75 percent of their games every year,
but they haven't won a Super Bowl since 2005. That's a long, long time in the world of Belichick.
The infusion of Tebow will create more competition and put more pressure on the team, which
is something I think, Belichick, as someone who covered the Patriots, for a few years, loves. Belichick's mantra is the "best players will play, whether it be offense, defense, or special teams."
We know Tebow won't threaten Brady's job, but he could take plays away from those vying for
time on special teams and all-purpose roles and that will create better competition.

how to handle the presence of Tebow. Mark Sanchez melted like a snowman in the desert
and  everybody else pointed the finger at Tebow when things started going south, even though
he appeared in about three plays a game as a personal protector. Players were bad-mouthing
Tebow behind his back or doing it "anonymously" to reporters who wanted dirt. It poisoned
the locker room because  immature and insecure players couldn't handle it. The Patriots locker
room  can handle anything. What Belichick says to Brady goes to the entire locker room and
Tebow's  presence won't be a problem. Belichick's message to his team has always been 'Do
YOUR job', and they get it. That won't change with Tebow around.

STRENGTH OF BRADY. Mark Sanchez couldn't handle the presence of Tebow in New York
and it affected his play and role as a leader on the team. Brady is a million times the man, leader,
and quarterback of Sanchez. He won't be bothered by the sight of Tebow one bit. And if Brady's
not bothered by Tebow, the rest of the team won't either. Brady established himself 10 years ago,
Sanchez never did and Brady will be the first one helping Tebow fit in in New England.

FLORIDA CONNECTION. Belichick loves Urban Meyer-coached Florida players. Aaron
Hernandez, Brandon Spikes, and Jermaine Cunningham have worked out pretty well for the
Patriots, haven't they? Those guys will make sure Tebow has someone to lean on and will spread
the news around the locker room that Tebow is a perfect Patriot: smart, hard-working, and versatile.

COACHING STAFF. Let's face it. The coaching staff in New York didn't have a clue on how
to use Tebow. They were told to find a way to fit him into the offense, but offensive coordinator
Tony Sparano couldn't figure out how to use Tebow in his system. He found it akin to trying to
put a square peg in a round hole. When the team acquired Tebow, Rex Ryan and company said
tthey were going to take the Wildcat to a whole new level. Yep, that level was in the dumpster.

Belichick draws up schemes, both offensively and defensively better than anyone in the league--
by far. He and McDaniels will figure out a way to incorporate Tebow into the system without disrupting it. Belichick is never one to stand pat or get comfortable with an offense. He will
make changes to give defenses more to think about and prepare for. Tebow might be used as
an H-Back, tight end, or as just a decoy.

Yes, Tim Tebow will work in New England.

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