Sunday, March 25, 2012


New York City is addicted to superstars like most of us are to Facebook. They want to discover
them, cultivate them, and usher them down Broadway for the entire world to see. And when
the Big Apple gets something new, they are consumed with it much like everyone is with the
mother  of all social media networks. New York fell in love with Jeremy Lin but after NBA
teams discovered the Knicks guard had trouble going to his left, "Linsanity" became like
MySpace, boring and not worth our time anymore. There have been many other "phenoms"
in the Big Apple before who started out like MySpace and fizzled like it, as well. Kevin Maas
and Shane Spencer of the New York Yankees come to mind.

On Monday at noon, the biggest phenomenon New York has ever seen will be introduced by
the Jets. The organization is expecting such a huge turnout for Tim Tebow,  they've moved
the press conference to the team's indoor practice facility to accommodate everyone. Former Jet Damien Woody and ESPN analyst questioned why all the pomp and circumstance for a
"back-up quarterback." I'm not sure if Woody is on the list of former players suing the NFL
for head injuries, but he should get his cranium checked out.

Tebow is not a back-up quarterback. He is a rock star and a cult hero. He is a brand and one
of the powerful, if not polarizing figures the sports world has ever seen. Heisman Trophy
winner, two-time national champion, first-round draft pick, humanitarian, virgin, and a man
of God,  New York City has NEVER seen anything like him. Tebow was huge before he
arrived in the Big Apple, now he's sure to become one of the most recognizable figures in the
world, right up there with Ali, Jordan, and Woods. Don't laugh. The media, public relation
agencies, and marketing companies will take Tebow to a place where no athlete has ever
gone  before. Tebow is a dream for the New York Post, who creates headlines better than any
publication on the planet. This will be pure entertainment. He is God's gift to Madison Avenue,
which will make his rich beyond his dreams. Who cares if he can't hit the broad side of a
barn with a pass. Tim Tebow is a magnet. He draws people from all walks of life in all parts
of the world. You think he's big now? Just wait.

The New York Jets ownership and front-office have been bashed for trading for Tebow, saying
it will crush the confidence of Mark Sanchez and create a circus atmosphere in the locker room.
Both may be true, but so what? This is Woody Johnson's hobby. The Jets owner won the
lottery when he was born into the Johnson & Johnson family. He inherited a company that is
worth 10 times the value of the Jets.  This is fun for him. He, like Steinbrenner and Donald
Trump, know that if you want to make money, you have to invest money, and you also have
to create a buzz, especially when you're a franchise like the Jets, who have always played
second fiddle to the Giants.

Johnson really should think about changing the team's name to the "New York Kardashians",
the franchise has become all style and no substance. They've managed to get a lot attention
and  recognition despite having very little or no talent at all. Johnson loves his stars, we saw
that with his desire for Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez, and now Tim Tebow. Tebow is a
merchandising God who will sell more jerseys, t-shirts, and anything with a Jets logo on it,
in the history of the franchise. He may not be able to complete 45 percent of his passes, but
Tebow's bigger than "The Hunger Games" or "Harry Potter" and he belongs to the New York
Jets. Cha-Ching!

The Jets will use him to sell tickets, luxury suites, and PSL's. They had to pay an extra $2.5
million to acquire Tebow, but they got that back in the first day with all the merchandise they
sold. The Jets can't beat the Giants on the field and Johnson figured he had to do something to
keep them relevant and on the back pages. Tebow was it and it was a stroke of genius. Everybody
is talking about the Jets and Tebow. It's feeding the monster, which is Johnson's ego. He can
worry about what Tebow does on the field and how it's going to impact the fragile psyche of
Sanchez later. The Giants won the Super Bowl and nobody is talking about them in the Big
Apple. All Vinny from the Bronx and Rico from Staten Island want to do is call up WFAN
in New York and wax poetic about Tebow and the Jets. Woody Johnson is loving it. It's about
the buzz and the Benjamins.

Forget about Jeter, A-Rod, or Jeremy Lin, Tebow is the biggest star in New York right now.
He's the squeaky clean quarterback who visits dying kids in the hospital. He wears his faith
on his sleeve and always has his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, close to his heart. The paparazzi
will swarm Tebow wherever he goes and every female model, actress, and diva in the Big Apple
will try to win his attention. They know that if you're with Tim Tebow, the ridiculous attention
will follow. This should be interesting. New York City has NEVER seen anything like Tim
Tebow before, and Tebow has never experienced anything like the Big Apple in his lifetime.

As Giants defensive back Terrell Thomas tweeted, "Good thing Tebow is a man of God. New
York is tough. He's going to need it." I'm not sure if Tebow can walk on water, but I do think
he's capable of pitching a tent. The Jets may have him to do that for the 3-three circus that's going
to start on Monday. My oh, my. This could be the greatest show on earth.

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