Monday, July 3, 2017


I never met Pete Frates, but like millions of Americans, I felt like I knew him. Through the
Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, Frates helped raised more than $100 million  to help find a
cure for ALS. He became the face of the insidious disease. He let people into his home to show
them the brutal battle people inflicted with ALS face every single day.

On July 3, 2017,  Frates lost his five-year battle with ALS. He was just 32 years old.

Pete Frates was courage defined. A former college baseball star at Boston College who was
relentless in a fight against a disease that has yet to lose. He never quit, never asked, "why me?"
and never lost his incredible spirit.

Frates is, was, and always will be the definition of Boston Strong. He knew what the end game was,
yet, was incredibly resilient, positive, and stout in his fight against ALS. He became a hero in
a city that where that status must truly be earned.

Frates deserves a statue out outside of Fenway Park right next to Ted Williams. No, Frates
never played for the Red Sox, but he belted a home run there while playing with Boston
College and had as much of an impact on Boston as the Splendid Splinter did.

Frates was a special person who leaves an indelible mark on a college, a city, and an entire
country. He touched and moved so many lives with his courageous fight and an amazing spirit.
His legacy  will live on in America's battle against ALS in the same way Lou Gerhig's has.

Never forget Pete Frates. Never

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