Saturday, May 13, 2017


The grand jury report and the timeline of events relating to the death of Tim Piazza at Penn State
is as frightening, horrific, and disgusting as I've ever read.

The so-called frat "brotherhood" not only failed to take care of a brother, but they flat-out
neglected, mocked, and basically just let him die.

According to the investigation, Piazza, 19, went through some ridiculous initiation ritual
called "the gauntlet", where pledges are forced to take shot after shot of vodka and beer. Piazza's blood-alcohol level was close to .40, which means you're close to dead on your feet. Piazza's
feet weren't sync with his brain when he feel down a flight of stairs.

One of the 'brothers', texted his fellow frat boys that Piazza might be "a problem." Then an
all-but unconscious Piazza was carried upstairs, slapped in the face, doused with water, saddled
with a backpack, kicked, and rolled into by a 'brother' while he was passed out on a couch.

Piazza somehow got up and fell down the stairs---again. His so-called brothers bailed on him and
didn't bother to seek medical help. As Piazza was near death on the ground, one of his frat
'brothers', stood over him and Snap-chatted, or whatever they call that social media thing.

And that single act pretty much sums up our society today. A young kid in a world that is
always trying to soothe its insecurities and incessantly hoping to validate themselves by getting
the most amount of 'likes' as they possible can, is taking a picture of a kid dying instead of trying
to help him out. We will use tragedy, fires, and even a near dead brother on the floor to gain
approval from our friends on social media. It's truly pathetic.

Most people in our society talk, text, or Snapchat a good game about doing the right thing
and helping others, but in reality, it's still an "all about me society", one that cares about doing
the right thing only when it's right for ourselves.

That happened in Cincinnati recently where an 8-year-old kid was bullied in school and knocked
out by a fellow classmate.  Gabriel Taye was flung into a wall and rendered unconscious. School
video showed the boy laying motionless on the ground for nearly seven minutes while other
students walked over him, kicked him, and did everything but help him out. Like the Penn State
frat boys did to their 'brother' Tim Piazza, these boys just let a classmate suffer terribly instead of helping out.

Not one of his classmates cared enough to help out a brother in need of help.

Two days later, Gabriel Taye, a third-grader, hung himself at home.

The decaying of society started long ago, but we are officially in the cess pool. We once were
a society that showed some compassion, character, and integrity, but now......I can't come up
with an adjective to accurately describe it.

Mankind has morphed into manDESPICABLE. We fight on our planes, trash others in public,
and abandon those in need of help behind closeD doors. And then take video, a selfie, or
snapchat it to the world just to satisfy our addiction to 'likes' and attention.

Sadly, the 'brothers' at Penn State tried to cover-up their despicable actions. Administrators
let everyone know they weren't responsible for activities 'that were technically off-campus.' Everybody went into self-perseveration mode instead of helping out a kid that was on his way
to being dead on arrival.

At the elementary school in Cincinnati, administrators told the parents of Gabriel Taye that he
fainted in school and said his 'vitals' were good. But they conveniently left out the part
where little Gabriel was knocked unconscious by a classmate. Gabriel's mother took her son
to the hospital later that night after he complained about dizziness and nausea. Doctors couldn't
accurately diagnose young Gabriel because they didn't know he had been knocked out earlier
in the day.


A school that was supposed to protect a young child, can't be upfront and honest to the
parents of kid who just got pummeled on school grounds. They couldn't hold themselves
accountable and were more concerned about a potential lawsuit than the welfare of a young

They are about to get the mother of all lawsuits now.

We don't have a bullying problem in this country because of incorrigible kids. We have
a bullying problem in this country because adults and parents are bad role models. Kids
see their parents and adults verbally assault and attack people in person or on the news and
they think it's OK.

They see adults beating other adults up in the streets or see a man get dragged off a plane
and they think it's OK.

They see a president without a filter, one who mocks people with disabilities, talks filthy
about women, and has little respect for anyone, and they think it's OK to do it as well.

Man, what a world it has become. Our society is close to being morally bankrupt.

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