Monday, March 13, 2017


Until Monday, I had never heard of LaVar Ball and didn't know much about his basketball-playing sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. Oh, sure, I had seen a few highlights on ESPN of Lonzo at
UCLA, but I wasn't phased by him or his talent. He was just another guy dunking on 'SportsCenter'.

However, thanks to his father, Lonzo and his brothers, who are committed to playing at UCLA, I know about the entire family now. I learned a lot about them just by reading the avalanche of the
information about them on social media and the world's reaction to it.

According to Twitter, Facebook, and just about every media outlet that occupies space on the
web, LaVar has stoked the fire and passion of the number of sports fans who consider themselves
to be experts. That number matches the dollar amount Daddy Ball says the shoe deal for his kids should be worth:

More than a billion.

Yes, that's right. More than a billion dollars.

Michael Jordan, who just happens to be the greatest basketball player in the history of the
sports, makes about $100 million annually from Nike for lending his name to the brand. Daddy
Ball says the package for the 3-Balls, who have never set foot or sneaker in the NBA, should
start at one billion dollars.


You see, the world reacts like wildfire on social-media. Then every media outlet like ESPN picks
it up and talks about it. America will hate and Pardon The Interruption will debate. And just about
every knucklhead on sports talk radio will scream, holler, and even laugh at Lavar Ball.

Go ahead, LaVar Ball is laughing--and his kids will eventually do that all the way to the bank.

And do you think it was an accident that Daddy Ball made all these proclamations right before
the NCAA Tournament? Heck, no. He knows that everybody that has something to do with
March Madness will be talking about his Balls.

I mean, look at all the money the Kardashians have made and they have zero talent. None. At
least the Ball kids can flat out, well, ball. They are a special talent and thanks to the big words
of their father, everyone knows about it.

People laughed at Richard Williams when he said Venus and Serena, his African-Americans
from Compton, California, would dominate the lilly-white world of tennis before they even
reached high school. What happened? If you know anything about sports, then you know.

LaVar Ball is taking a page right from Mr. Williams' book. He's already said Lonzo or
LiAngelo or LeMelo---I forget which one it was, would be better than Steph Curry, the
two-time NBA MVP.

Good, Lord.

Daddy Ball also added that he would've kicked Michael Jordan's ass in a game of one-on-one back
in the day.

Good, grief.

Even Big Daddy Ball knows MJ would've wiped the floor with his jockstrap, but Daddy Ball
also knows putting Jordan into any conversation will attract a lot of attention and attention is
all Ball wants. He will use anyone or anything to get it.

Now, America is angry and talking about the Balls.

It's easy to say Daddy Ball is a fool, but in reality, he's brilliant. He knows how the world
works today. It's not so much about talent, as  it is having a name that every sports can can roll
off their tongues.

People are talking about Daddy Ball. Well, they are not exactly talking about him as much
as they are hating on him. Hating is another thing the people on social media have become
experts in. They will go on their rants, take their cowardly cuts at the Balls, and Daddy will
just have one big smile on his face.

Thanks to him, all the Balls are on the national map. They will soon become household names
and eventually, very, very rich. That's just how America works. Endorsements, contracts, etc., etc., etc.

Daddy Ball has trademarked "Big Baller Brand" and is selling merchandise on the web site.

The price has just gone up for the all the Balls.

Daddy is a smart, smart man, and one with very big balls.


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