Monday, February 6, 2017


Tom Brady's game-worn jersey used in the New England Patriots shocking victory over
the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI was allegedly stolen from the Patriots locker room

In a game where Brady set Super Bowl records for most completions and passing yards
while  engineering the greatest comeback in the history of it, the number 12 jersey is extremely valuable, to say the least. Add to the fact, Brady now has won the Super Bowl a record
five times, the jersey could fetch millions on the black market.

The city of Houston has called in the Texas Rangers to see if they can crack the case. The
FBI, which spent millions of dollars sifting through all of Hilary Clinton's e-mail, has been summoned by President Trump, who claims to be a BFF of Brady, to help solve the mystery.

Who could possibly have stolen Brady's jersey? Here are the top 5 suspects.

5. Mike Leake. In 2011, while pitching for the Cincinnati Reds, the right-handed pitcher
got caught red-handed trying to steal six shirts worth a total of $59.88 from a local
department story. Sources close to Leake say he has a weird obsession with Brady, posting
several Fat Head's of the Patriots QB on the walls of his man cave. For a guy who was making
more than $3 million-a-year at the time, he could be a candidate for Kleptomaniac of the decade.

4. Drew Bledsoe. Brady stole his job in 2001, so payback is only fair. Bledsoe was seen
by Roger Goodell's security team leaving the locker room while Brady was at the podium being
asked a lot of stupid questions by the media.

3. Crying Michael Jordan. The former G.O.A.T. is still upset Brady signed with Under
Armour instead of  Nike and Jump man. May have swiped Brady's jersey as potential
negotiating ammunition. Will give back jersey in exchange for Brady switching allegiance
from Under Armour to Nike. Unless Nike and Jordan come up with a special brand of PJ's
for Brady, I don't see it happening.

2. Jim McNally. Gained notoriety for being a principal player in Deflategate. The subsequent
investigation by Ted Wells revealed the Patriots tried to deflect attention from the e-mails
sent by Tom Brady by insisting McNally was referred to as the "Deflator" because he
was trying to lose weight. He disguised himself as former Patriots offensive coordinator
Charlie Weis to gain access to the Patriots locker room on Sunday. McNally still holds grudge
against Brady for not delivering the right size of Uggs that Brady had promised.

1. Jameis Winston. The current quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was accused of
stealing crab legs during his freshman year at Florida State so authorities have pegged him
as the prime suspect in Jersey-gate. He allegedly swiped the media credential of former Patriot
Willie McGinnest to gain entry to the locker room. Sources close to SportsRip say Winston was
seen leaving the stadium with a bag of lobsters from the post-game spread and what appeared
to be Brady's jersey under his Lebron James t-shirt. CSI Houston has been called in to investigate.

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