Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Day 1 of the RNC was really just a microcosm of what are society has become:
one big, sad, pathetic circus. About the only thing missing from Tuesday night's
show was Lamar Odom and  the Kardashians. I mean, this is supposed to be a
"historic" convention and Scott Baio was on stage giving a speech? Scott Baio?
Really? Was Fonzie not available? Potsie would've killed it!

And how bout this for journalism and a hard-hitting question. Some CNN reporter
asked Baio if "Joanie would still love Chachie". I half-expected to see the late Leslie
Nielsen pop out from behind the blue curtain and say to the reporter, "Shirley, you
can't be serious."

What a question! It was almost as good as the one Bash thrust upon Baio about calling
Hillary a vulgar word in a tweet.

How bout the great speech by Mrs. Trump, though? It was almost as incredible as the
stunning dress she wore. I thought the Queer Eye of the Straight Guy was going to run
on stage and ask,  "who are you wearing?" Whatever Mrs Trump was wearing looked
a lot better than the egg on her face after it was discovered her beautiful words were
remarkably similar to those of a speech writer who was probably employed some eight
years ago by Michelle Obama.

The pundits and the rest of the nation screamed, "Plagiarism!" They took less time to
tag Mrs. Trump  a fraud as they did in figuring out how to spell the word correctly.

Plagiarism in this country? Noooooooo way! That never happens. Especially amongst
politicians. Laugh out laugh. Taking somebody else's words and thoughts and using
them as your own? Never happens. Never. Stone Mrs. Trump now. And really, is anybody
going to remember what Mrs. Trump said in the next three minutes anyway? Are those
words going to matter when the next terrorist attack occurs?

Don't you love how everybody's speech was critiqued by all the networks before the
guest even left the stage? It was almost like Howie, Jimmy, and Michael and the rest
of the Fox crew breaking down a Patriots-Broncos game at halftime. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Wondering what they thought of the words of the bearded wonder from "Duck Dynasty".
Yeah, really, Willie Robertson, spoke about the great Donald Trump. Ya just can't make
this stuff up!

I was waiting for Erin Andrews to throw it to Len, Bruno, and Kari Ann Inaba for
scores and commentary.

Len? "I give it a 10!"

Bruno? "It was just fabuuuuuuu! It get's a 10 from me!"

Kari Ann?  "10!"

What a circus!

The circus continued when cameras caught legendary football coach Lou Holtz carrying
a bag with Crown Royal stitched on it. Did the bag contain a bottle of alcohol? After seeing
what he saw last night, would anybody really be surprised or even blame Little Lou for
using a little something, something to soothe his pain?

Donald Trump gives his speech tonight. I wonder if Kanye West, Beyoncé, and
Taylor Swift will make an appearance as well.

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