Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I don't know what Pokémon Go is. I'm not going to Google, Wiki, or listen to anything
the networks have to say about it.

I don't care how many people are playing it, how much Nintendo is making off it, or
whether it's trending or not.

It's freaking stupid.

But I'm not really surprised our country has become obsessed with Pokémon Go. After
all, a majority of us are obsessed with the no-talent, no substance family known as the
Kardashians. We watch reality shows as if they are the "Godfather" trilogy, unfortunately,
there is nothing real about them and they have a tendency to dumb you down to a, um,
Pokémon player's level.

They tell me this Pokémon Go is an app that can be downloaded onto your cell phone.
Great! Another ridiculous thing that can cause people to be rude at the dinner table, oblivious
to the rest of the world around them, and a distraction that can cause drivers to lose their
lives and kill others on the road.

Yes, the world is crumbling around us. Police are killing people on camera, cops are
targets of revenge, Hillary is seemingly less credible than Lance Armstrong, and Donald
Trump is Donald Trump and the nation is obsessed with Pokémon Go!

The Wall Street Journal featured an article about how Pokémon Go is a defining
moment on how we use technology and computers. Really? This is a game where millions
put phone to face and begin roaming their neighborhoods, hunting monsters. The frenzy
has led to injuries, invasion of privacy, and even the discovery of a dead body.


You know it's only a matter of time where Pokémon players go absolutely postal.
It'll cause divorce, psychiatric problems, and retreats for those trying to deal with their

Like everything new, addictive, and the impetus for peer pressure, there will be
consequences and they're already being felt.

Oh, I long for the days when things were much simpler and Pac Man was the game
everybody loved to waste their time on.

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