Monday, July 18, 2016


I've never met, seen, or talked to Dani Mathers, but word is, she's a beautiful woman.
Her Wikipedia page says she was the 2015 Playboy playmate of the year, so it's safe to say
Mathers also has a body that's worthy enough to be praised and seen by all.

However, Mathers has proven to be a real ugly human being and validated the phrase that
"beauty is only skin-deep."

While finishing up at her gym recently, Mathers saw a woman in the locker room that caught
her attention. The woman, who was clearly not blessed with a great body and not the winner
of the gene-pool lottery Mathers clearly was, didn't have any clothes on. She was butt naked.
and turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Oh, she thought she was in the right place, in the gym trying to improve her fitness level,
but she was naked in the locker room and within site of the playmate who was feeling
playful in an evil kind of way. Mathers snapped a photo of the woman, (without her
permission of course) and posted it on Snapchat with the caption, "If I can't unsee this,
neither can you."

Pathetic. Disgusting. Reprehensible.

Mathers, who must've been in dire need of attention, a chuckle, and the almighty 'like'
on social media, posted the picture for the most of the Internet world to see.

The response to Mather's invasion of privacy was swift and strong. Social media users
were outraged at Mather and condemned her actions. The gym, LA Fitness, didn't tolerate
her behavior, either. They immediately banned Mathers from using their gym ever
again. The LA Police is currently investigating this gross example of invasion of privacy.

Mathers, who body-shamed an unsuspecting woman, should be shamed from
coast-to-coast, media outlet-to-outlet, and on every social media vehicle out there.

This is sad and another example of how far our society has gone into the dumper.

Many people in this country have worked tirelessly in attempt to curb the nasty bullying
that goes in our society, mostly with adolescents and high school kids. Google "bullying"
and "suicide" and you'll be alarmed to see how one is connected to the other.

How can we put an end to "bullying" when we have "adults" like Mathers engaging in
such despicable acts?  This story is all over social-media and there are kids across the
world who will not learn from this unfathomable situation, but will copy it. They'll say,
"Hey, if this Playboy model can do it, I think I'll do it too." We live in a copycat society
and trust me, there will be more inappropriate pictures coming across the Internet very

The social-media tsunami is partly to blame for all of this as well. We live in a world
where everybody has to document every five seconds of their lives on Facebook and
Twitter. People are so obsessed with getting a "LOL", or the almighty "like", they will
do almost anything, including making fun of others to get them.

We have gotten to the point where we not only take a picture of what we are about to
eat or our pretty selves sitting in a car seat, but photos of others who may not be as
body beautiful as us. We see things and people and the first thing we come to say is,
"Hey, I gotta get a picture of this and post it on Facebook to get a lot of "likes."

Sad, really sad.

Few people are sadder than Dani Mathers. She said she "accidentally" posted the
despicable to Snapchat. Yeah, right. And every athlete busted for steroids "unknowingly"
took supplements that were laced with illegal substances. Give me a break

Accidentally posted the picture, Ms. Mathers? Seriously. You should've quit while
you were behind.


  1. Bitch deserves a solid case of psoriasis.

  2. Hopefully she is prosecuted to the max.
    Luckily, we have yet to see your predicted tsunami of copy cat photos being posted.