Wednesday, June 15, 2016


49 people were slaughtered in Orlando and people are upset President Obama won't
use the phrase, "Radical Islamic terrorism" when describing it. For real? Man, our society
is more screwed up than I thought.

Forget about the unfinished investigation of the gunmen, Omar Mateen, or the yet-to-be-
unearthed facts or falsehoods, many politicians and members of the media just know
the massacre will forever be associated with "Radical Islamic terrorism."

Yes, I know Omar Mateen, who was born in New York, pledged his allegiance to
almighty ISIS before he went on his rampage, but I'd much prefer to wait until all the
facts surrounding the case are in until I pass judgement or call it "Radical Islamic terrorism."

And does it really matter if it's called that? There is a comment section at the end of this
blog, if you have an the answer, please use it.

If our president says "Radical Islamic terrorism" in his next press conference, what
exactly is that going to do?

Is it going to bring back the dead?

Will it end the threat of terrorism?

Is ISIS going to drop their guns and bow to Obama and apologize for the destruction
and devastation they have caused?

Will it extinguish all the hate around the world? Or just make Donald Trump happy?

No, no, no, no, and probably.

This seems nothing more than garbage to fuel social-media's super highway, food for
every big-ego politician to get fat off of, and sensational content for 24-hour news channels
to pontificate over.

If President Obama writes "Radical Islamic terrorism" on a chalkboard what exactly
is it going to prove? Will we be able to sleep better at night? Will it keep us from being
distracted at our kids' baseball game? Of course not, because 99.9 perccent of us could give
a rats ass what it's called or if Obama says it.

Perhaps, if President Obama says "Radical Islamic terrorism",  it will stop us from
binge eating to help ease our anxiety over this issue. We have to blame somebody or
something for our 25 pound weight gain, don't we?

Seriously. Without the help of Google, 99 percent of the people in this country couldn't
tell you where the national deficit currently stands or what the unemployment rate is.
They can't tell you how many wars this country is currently fighting in and how we got
into them in the first place.

Do you think they know exactly what Radical Islamic terrorism  even is? Do you think
they even care? Are they standing around the watercooler at work lamenting
"Radical Islamic terrorism?"

I highly doubt it. And I don't think many people  are going to feel remarkably better even if
Obama says "Radical Islamic terrorism" out loud.

Good, grief.

If President Obama says, "Radical Islamic terrorism" what is going to change? Will
ISIS make peace with homosexuals and immediately cease throwing them off buildings?
Will it stop them from burning people alive or using them to test out their rocket-propelled

I think not.

Please don't give me all the garbage about the left, the right, and our president being
weak because he won't say, "Radical Islamic terrorism."

The issue is about doing something to stop terrorism whether it be foreign, domestic,
or "Radical Islamic terrorism." The point is to stop the senseless tragedies from occurring
over and over and over again. What can we do to eliminate the problem?

I don't think the answer is spewing out the three words: Radical. Islamic. Terrorism.

Words do not matter.

Action does.

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