Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I posted this article after 49 people were gunned down in a night club in Orlando. At
the time, it was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history - until Las Vegas happened.
That's when some psycho from Nevada, who was mad at the world, decided to pick
off 59 people from his hotel room as they watched a concert.

On Valentine's Day, there was no love in the air in Parkland, Florida. A 19-year-old man,
with a troubled history and an obsession with guns, walked into his former high school
and ended the lives of 17 school kids who were barely into their journey through life.

And nothing will change.

Shootings. Death. Tears. A psycho.  Make-shift memorials.  Non-stop media coverage
Vigils. Funerals. Gun control debates. Grandstanding. Tough talk.

What gets done? Absolutely nothing.

And then what happens? It happens all over again...and again....and again.

Sadly, all these mass shootings have become like the movie, "Groundhog Day", where
the same things keep happening over and over again. Give Bill Murray's character in
the movie for at least trying to do something to end the madness.

Nobody in this country has tried to do anything to stop the senseless tragedies.

We all thought the slaughtering of 20 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary school
was the tipping point, didn't we? 20 beautiful, innocent kids gunned down by a
psycho hell bent on terrorizing the world. In reality, that's what Adam Lanza did
because those children could have been our children.

Our leaders surely were going to eradicate at least one the reasons for all these
mass murders, we thought. We believed Newtown was going to be the impetus to
finally get something done about acquiring guns. Nothing got done. Nothing.

Nothing got done, many of our politicians said, because of the second Amendment
which gives Americans the right to bear arms---pretty much no matter what. Yep,
you can be a psycho and get and AK-47, a high-powered assault rifle designed to do
one thing: kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Our leaders were going to make sure those with mental illness would never be allowed
to obtain guns, especially ones like an AK-47. What happened? Absolutely nothing.

According to one news source, since the Sandy Hook massacre there have been 1,607 mass
shootings with at least 1,862 people killed and 6, 459. A mass shooting is defined as one
where four or more people are killed. It's sad experts actually have to define what constitutes
a mass shooting.

1,607  mass shootings. And nothing gets done. Absolutely nothing.

When Alison Parker and her photographer were gunned down on live television
in Roanoke, Virginia last year, I remember her father going on all the 24-hour news
channel saying he was going to fight for gun control until something got done. I
remember saying to myself, "Sir, I feel terrible for your loss, but the parents of
the kids killed in Newtown said the same thing. And absolutely nothing got done,
nothing changed."

And the mass shootings kept happening over and over and over again.

The non-stop television coverage happens over and over again. People put down
flowers at make-shift memorials, heartbroken parents are interviewed, a world
is outraged, Facebook lights up with templates and tributes with the phrase
"thoughts and prayers" plastered all over the place. Our politicians tell us things
must and will change.

But they never do. They never ever, do. And that's sad.

After the media exhausts their coverage of Parkland, they will move on to something
else that captures our attention. It could be another frat house hazing death or scandal
in college sports.

But you can count on Lester Holt and the throng of media members being back giving
blanket coverage to another mass murder. It's going to happen again soon, because
after all, nothing changes. Nothing ever changes.


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