Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Facebook 911, what is your emergency?

"Yeah, I was in Best Buy on Black Friday trying to save $5 on a big screen TV and
I got elbowed in the nose during the mayhem. Busted it up pretty good. I'm posting
a picture for everyone to see."

Facebook 911, what is your emergency?

"I was going 70 mph on a two-lane highway and had to take a selfie to show
everyone my new hairstyle. I rolled my SUV and smashed my face against the
windshield. This is me in the ambulance. OMG! I can't feel my face."

Let's face, it, Facebook is the world's biggest show-n-tell platform. Mark Zuckerberg's
genius knew the egos of people in our society are huge and gave us the opportunity to
feed it over and over by allowing everyone to post everything about their lives in
five minute increments or less.

If it happens in life, it usually makes its way to the Facebook news feed with a picture,
with hopes of getting a record number of the almighty 'like'.

Good, lord. What people are doing these days to get 'likes',  sympathy, and attention is
remarkable. It's become an addiction for the  Facebook world.

But why, may I ask, do people have to post their selfies of everything from their little
boo-boos to busted faces? Oh, that's right. Because of their need for sympathy, attention,
and all those 'likes.' Why else would these people post pictures of their bumps, bites,
and bruises?

No, I don't need to see the massive blisters on your feet! I can practically smell the
stink coming through the computer.

The picture of your kid with his face swollen with a bunch of bee stings? I'd rather not
have to see him staring back at me on the news feed. Why would you do that to Opie

What's even sadder, the people posting all these gruesome are 'adults.' Yeah,
you know, the over-40 crowd. Good, grief.  Even worse are the people who post pictures
of their loved ones or family members all busted up in a hospital bed with all kinds of
tubes coming out of nearly every orifice of the human body.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

It used to be we guarded our privacy and that of our family members. Not anymore.
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have eroded the senses. We just HAVE to show and
tell everybody about the pain, discomfort, and hardships. Yeah, all to get a little attention
and sympathy.

Facebook also added the "feelings" feature to its network. Zuckerberg sure knew all about
the psyche of our society without majoring in all that pertains to the brain and behavior.

People can now tell everybody they are feeling depressed, angry, sick, sorry, and whatever
else they want sympathy for. They can spruce things up with a little emoji for effect.

What the hell is going on here?

Is this just more of the 'wussification' of America? There was a time when we never wanted
to let people know how we were feeling, thinking, and acting. But with social-media,
people want everyone else to know exactly what they're doing, how they're acting and

When people post about their mental and physical condition, I often want to write, "suck
it up. Rub a little dirt on it and move on." 

But I guess that wouldn't be politically correct, and in this world, everybody is offended
by something which can be another reason for them to have a Facebook 911 emergency.

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