Thursday, May 26, 2016


Report: American Sniper lied about his medals

Navy investigating discrepancy in 'American Sniper' medal count.

'American Sniper' could be lying about medals earned.

Those were some of the headlines circulating the Internet after an article by the
on-line news site, The Intercept,  revealed that Chris Kyle, whose autobiography
"American Sniper" became a best-seller which was turned into a blockbuster
movie, may have exaggerated the number of medals he actually won while serving
his country.

Go ahead, America, pile on. It's what you do best. Read a headline and conclude
you know all the facts of what actually happened and then go tear down a man who
isn't here to defend himself. Spit on the legacy of someone who did something you
never did: fight for our country.

Chris Kyle is a hero to me. So is everybody who put their lives on the line for our
country. They are the ones who had far more courage than most, fighting on foreign
soil while we sleep at home and enjoy the freedom of the United States.

However, the social media scarecrows who want to hide behind their tweets are
attacking Kyle for being "a liar, fraud, and psycho." The so-called experts say he
"stole valor", as if he were Brian Williams telling the world he was in a helicopter
in Afghanistan taking on enemy fire.

Stop it, please. And then take the time to get all the facts instead of making a judgment
based off a headline designed for shock value and attracting attention.

In his book, Kyle wrote he was the recipient of two Silver Stars and five Bronze
Stars. But the Navy found citations for one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars in
response to an open records request from The Intercept.

Go ahead, America, keep believing everything you read especially from The Intercept ,
which isn't exactly the New York Times. In this land of five billion web sites,
The Intercept is just another one probably trying to do something extravagant
to get noticed and be relevant. Think Al-Jezeer America with their blockbuster
story of Peyton Manning using HGH. They got attention all right, but it was too
late. The news network was already in a deep hole, insignificant in the plethora of
24-hour news channels. They shut their doors in April.

Go ahead and try to smear the character of Chris Kyle. I'm sure you knew him
so well because you saw him portrayed by Bradley Cooper on the big screen. That's
how people are in this country. They see an athlete and a 15-second soundbite on
'SportsCenter' and believe they actually know what he's like and how they act.
"Oh, he's a great guy", they say, only to see him get arrested for domestic violence
a week later.

According to an article in USA Today, A form in Kyle’s personnel file credits him
with two Silver Stars and six Bronze Stars, according to a Defense official familiar
with the issue but not authorized to speak publicly about it. That form, known as a
DD 214, is filled out by clerical staff at the small unit level and errors are not
uncommon, the official said.

So, if we are to believe that, then Kyle actually shortchanged himself. The DD 214
which was not filled out by Kyle, indicated he won six Bronze Stars.

In the article by The Intercept, there is the "anonymous" Navy source that said he
warned Kyle before the book was published there was a discrepancy in his record.
It sure seems like all these "exclusive" stories have the "anonymous" source. It's like
a bodyguard for the author to hide behind if everything blows up in his face.

"Well, that's what my source told me......"

The number of medals Kyle won does not matter to me. He fought for our country.
He went on four deployments in one of the most dangerous places on earth. He saved
people. He protected us. He made tremendous sacrifices. He was courageous.

And now people want to spit on his legacy? Get a life--and a clue.

When Chris Kyle wrote about his story,  he was most likely suffering from Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder. That can happen when you return to civilian life after years of fighting.
It can happen when you see your fellow soldiers split in half by bullets from an AK-47.
It can happen when a bullet whizzes past your head and kills a friend behind you.

Did Kyle exaggerate some things in his book? Probably. I'm sure if somebody wanted
to fact check everything Louis Zamperini said in "Unbroken," there are actual events
that weren't so actual. Are we going to crucify a war hero for that? Gimme a break.

Critics will say that Kyle lied or exaggerated about other things before. As critics,
I guess that is their right. But let's not blur the lines of what Kyle really was.

He was loved and respected by his fellow SEAL's and soldiers.

His superiors commended Kyle's commitment, sacrifice, and his bravery.

He went back to Iraq and Afghanistan again and again to fight for his country
when many in this country didn't care what he was doing, or about the war
a world away.

We all have are our flaws. Nobody is perfect even if they get perfectly played
by a mega-star in Hollywood like Bradley Cooper.

But acting is not fighting. Hollywood is not Iraq. There are no re-takes on the
battlefield. Nobody gets to say, "cut" or "that's a wrap" when things go awry
or come to an end.

Chris Kyle's war was real. He is a hero, like everyone else who has bled for
this country. His legacy shouldn't be about the medals. It should be all about
his sacrifice, bravery, and courage.

To try to smear him now when he's not here to defend himself is cowardly.
Very cowardly.

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