Friday, April 8, 2016


Like  fashion trends, the O.J. Simpson murder case is back in style and the American
public and media seems to be just as obsessed with it as it was in 1994 when police
discovered the butchered bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman outside
of her condominium.

There seemed to be one and only one suspect: O.J. Simpson, football hero and American

Simpson was arrested for the murders, but in the trial of the century in 1995, which
turned into the biggest three-ring circus this country has ever seen, Simpson was found
"not guilty" and set free. Then, the floodgates opened.

There were books written, reality and crime scene shows created, and Robert Shapiro
ended up making those stupid commercials. Johnny Cochrane died, Judge
Ito disappeared, and the Juice got thrown in jail where he has grown old, gained weight,
and learning all about karma and payback.

But the case never got completely shut and now it's growing a life of its own---again.

Several weeks ago, a large knife found on the grounds of the Simpson home while it
was being torn down, was tested by forensics experts to see if had any DNA residue from
the murders. The media fell for it hook, line and sinker and hyped the headlines and
newscasts with the "Big Story" about the knife and O.J.

This "discovery" coincidentally happened just about the same time the series, "American
Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson" aired on FX. Hmm, I wonder how that
turned out.

America has seemingly become addicted to anything O.J. again like it has Facebook,
Twitter, and selfies. Millions of people watched the O.J. trial series on FX and television
executives, seeing the thirst for it, are trying to squeeze every cent out of O.J murder case
they possible can.

ESPN will have a 7.5 hour documentary called, "O.J: Made in America" that will air
in June as part of its critically-acclaimed 30-for-30 series.

Martin Sheen will be the executive producer of a series that will contends it will prove
that O.J. Simpson is innocent. That's a good angle. After all, I don't think many people
would be interested in a program that would prove that O.J. was guilty. Too easy. 

Perhaps, Martin can get Charlie Sheen to play the role of Kato Kaelin.

This is going to be like 1995 all over again.  Minutes after 'The People vs.  O.J. Simpson',
Kim Goldman, the sister of Ronald who was killed that June night of 1994, took to Twitter
to share her thoughts:


That's the address of the prison in Nevada which currently houses Simpson, who is now
68-years-old and looking every day of it. Goldman encouraged people to send hate mail
to the Juice.

This is just the beginning of it. I've seen the morning programs stack some of their
shows with O.J. content and it will probably increase closer to June when ESPN airs its
special on O.J.

My questions are: what is new? what has changed? And will it ever?

Nothing. Nothing. And no.

So why will the networks continue to pop in stories about the murder case and O.J?

Because America is addicted to it! Black, white, Asian---everybody still seems infatuated
with it.

Why? What is wrong with us?

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