Thursday, March 24, 2016


When pictures surfaced of a bald-headed and heavily bearded David Letterman walking
on the beach in Florida, the collective reaction of those plugged in to the worldwide-web

                                             "OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!!"

The former king of late night television looked nothing like his former self. You know,
the one with the Michael Strahan-sized gap between his teeth and the cerebral-looking
glasses? It seems Letterman has yet to buy a razor blade 10 months into retirement and is
almost completely bald.

That "OMG, are you kidding me???! phrase rolled off my tongue when a good friend of
mine, Tom Murphy, showed me a picture of another good friend, Steve Tonra, Thursday
night while hanging out in a New Canaan establishment watching the NCAA Tournament.

Tonra has been living in Atlanta for quite some time and posts a picture of himself on
Facebook about as often as Haley's Comet streaks across the sky. I kind of had an idea of
what he looked like from the last time I saw him in person a few years ago. He was
clean shaven, hair pretty well-kept with a lot more salt than pepper in it.

When Murphy said, "Hey, Dev, you gotta see this picture of T-man", I figured T-man's
hair and gone completely white like say, the late Leslie Nielson. But when Murphy showed
me T-man's picture, I almost choked on my chaluppa.

                                                 "OMG, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!

There is T-man in the chair of his hairstylist. This was no special at Super Cuts. Nope,
this was stylin' and profilin' in the ATL. (T-man, you really didn't pay for that, did you?)

While the "stylist" has a jovial look on her face, T-man looks, well, kind of like he's
not happy with what he sees. And I know cotton is big in the South, but T-man, did you
have to put a box of it on your chin?!

I couldn't help but notice how much Tonra is beginning to resemble Rob Ryan, the
twin brother of Rex.  Murphy said he texted Tonra, "I didn't know there was a third Ryan
brother." To Tonra's credit, he weighs about 200 pounds less than his new look-a-like Rob

Tonra was one of the most colorful characters to ever walk the halls of New Canaan
High School. He was his own reality show long before anybody ever heard of the Kardashians.
If you hear of something crazy happening in today's world, there's a good chance Tonra
did in 35 years ago. That was T-man. He was waaaaaay ahead of his time. He was part-rebel
and part-trendsetter. Yeah, it's safe to say, that when he got a Mohawk, he was probably
the first one to do it in the ultra-preppy affluent town on the Gold Coast of Connecticut.

Yep, that was the one and only T-man. Now, he has another style, which may not be
all his own, but it definitely fits him to a......T.

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  1. Hi Paul, I am not surprised to someone blog about Steve. In college he was called Stoneman instead of T-man. He was rumored to have multiple patents for board games and could kill anyone at backgammon. He was smarter than all of us and his intelligence had a mysterious quality I can't explain. Not sure he attended class all that much - he probably didn't need to. Sanford