Monday, February 22, 2016


In the land of the million selfies, very few stand out these days. We've grown
accustomed to seeing Facebook plastered with pictures of egomaniacs who can't start
their cars before taking a selfie.

Or they just have to take a selfie of the new hairstyle they just received at Super Cuts.

Here a selfie, there a selfie, it seems like this whole god dang world is one big selfie.


But every once in a while, a selfie comes along that gets your attention and makes
you laugh out loud. It's one that is spontaneous and captures an emotion that has a
feel good element to it.

It happened to me over the weekend when Chris Pinder, former minor-league baseball
player who has been easily overtaken in talent and success by his two rock-star playing
sons who are on the road to the big leagues.

Saturday, Pinder took a road less traveled when he decided to go for a run before his
son, Chase, was to take the field for the Clemson Tigers. Daddy, who lives in Virginia
in one of those places you've never heard of, or care to, put on his Nike's on and ear
buds in and tried to work up some sweat and shed some pounds along the way.

And of course, he had his cellphone at the ready just in case his other son, Chad,
called from Arizona where he's in his first spring training with the Oakland A's. Yep,
the kid's a bona-fide stud. MVP of the Texas League (AA) in 2015. I'll say this
about Chris, the man is smart. He picked a wife with some serious athletic talent.

Chris was a pitcher at Florida State and in the minor-leagues. In other words, he was
a non-athlete. You see, in baseball, pitchers aren't really considered true athletes. They
pitch once every five days and drink beers and eat chicken wings on the other four.
Seriously, do you think all the talent his boys have been blessed with came from him?

Anyway, Pinder went out for a run and took a god dang selfie. Yep, forget about one
of the 87 pot holes per square mile on those South Carolina roads he could have
caught a foot and tore up a knee in, Chris had to take a selfie.

And it turned out to be funny as hell. The selfie of the year in my book.

Pinder posted the selfie to mock my workout regime as a two-time Ironman.
And he was teasing me about my life as a college and minor-league baseball player
and my appearance in the movie, "Bull Durham." Yep, Pinder was throwing the
whole kitchen sink at me for the entire Facebook world to see. 

It's all good. We are friends. Kind of. Chris said we played against each other
in the Carolina League. But I don't remember him. He says we have a lot of
the same friends, but they don't remember him, either. But I've been a good
egg and gone along with it for the last five years. (That's when he requested
a friend 'thing' on Facebook.)

Back to his selfie. The look on his face is priceless. It's as if he's being chased
by a pit bull. Unfortunately, the pit bull is not pictured. At nearly 50 years old,
Pinder runs about a 12 minute mile, but in the picture, his face seems to be
rippling like he's in a 100-mile wind tunnel or running like Usain Bolt.

The expression in his eyes seems to say he really likes the Taylor Swift song
on his playlist but doesn't really want anyone to know that he's a huge groupie
of the pop icon.

I'm not sure what's going on with the hair. It looks like part-weave, part-shoe
polish. You know, like the kind Gaylord used on the cat he desperately wanted
to look like Mr. Jinks in "Meet the Fockers"? 

But it works for Chris. Seriously.

This selfie is a classic and a keeper. Thanks again, Chris. What team was it
again you played for in the Carolina League?

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