Wednesday, February 10, 2016


He sulked, was short with his answers, and stormed off the podium well before the entire
world thought it was time to. Now, that entire world, along with the social-media wasteland, which has really become one and the same, has painted Cam Newton a "sore loser" because
they didn't think the Carolina Panthers quarterback acted appropriately after playing poorly
in the Super Bowl.

And that's OK.

We are all entitled to our own opinions just as Newton is entitled to be his own man,
make his own decisions, good or bad, and walk away when he felt it was time to.
Nobody anywhere at anytime is obligated to talk. The NFL only mandates a player
show up to a press conference. It's up to the player on what he chooses to say.

Sorry, Newton doesn't owe the media, the NFL, or anybody else anything, despite the
position he plays or the amount of money he makes.

If America wants to be Picasso and create a masterpiece of Newton as a "sore loser", then
it might as well break out the broad brush to include many others who don't act all nice
when things don't go their way.

Tiger Woods. Sore loser. Sydney Crosby. Sore loser. Bill Belichick. He is the gold
standard. Peyton Manning. Sore loser. Serena Williams? Who can forget her breaking
rackets and trying to jam a tennis ball down the throat of linesman the size of Victor
Rosario a few years ago?

 John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Jim Mora, Dennis Green. Sore loser, Sore loser, Sore loser,
sore loser.  Cam Newtown pouted after losing a Super Bowl. What shall we call the
incomparable Walter Payton after he brooded on the sidelines and shied away from the
media because he didn't score a touchdown in the Super Bowl his team actually won?

Oh, that's right, it didn't really happen because Twitter wasn't around back then.

It's funny how we think, know, and all but demand how a player should act all the time.
We think they should all possess the cool of Joe Montana, the class of Derek Jeter,
the savvy of Russell Wilson, and the style of Roger Federer, don't we?


If every athlete acted that way it would be incredibly boring, wouldn't it? Social-media
would be tepid and ESPN wouldn't be able to put those slick montages together of
players going postal and coaches going ballistic! I mean, who didn't get a kick out
of Dennis Green (sore loser) after "the Bears who were who we thought they were and
we let them off the hook! (Slam of the fist for emphasis).

Cam Newton admitted he's not perfect and on record as a sore loser. “Who likes to lose?
You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser, " said Newton Tuesday in Charlotte.

God has produced only one perfect quarterback and that's Tim Tebow. He always did
and said the right thing, trouble is, his talent and tools weren't good enough to play
in the NFL, much less be an MVP like Newton. Hard to believe Tebow beat out Newton
for the starting job at Florida, isn't it?

Newton was gifted by God with everything but maturity, and it's not a guarantee that'll
ever come. It didn't for Terrell Owens and Ochocinco (sore losers) and Newton may never
grow up either.

However, Newton is his own man. Smiling, sulking, putting footballs in the hands
of kids, pouting in front of adults with microphones, celebrating with selfies, being
surly with a hoodie. Dabbing and distraught. He's emotional. That's who he is.
There is nothing wrong with that.

Appreciate, don't annihilate it.

Just like Tiger, Serena, Peyton, LeBron, Belichick---sore losers all, Newton is wildly
successful. He is immensely talented, driven, and a winner. Nobody gets the awards
and accolades like the aforementioned people, if they are not. Getting to the top isn't
always pretty and they can't always act the way you want them to act.

How Newton or any other athlete or coach acts shouldn't affect you one bit.

If it does, then it's you who is a loser.

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