Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We all know by now the NFL has rules its own referees can't even figure out. But for
all their ineptitude and inexplicable calls on the field, the league doesn't come close to
having the dumbest rule.

That honor goes to the National Basketball Association.

The Golden State Warriors won their 20th consecutive game to start the season Wednesday
night. Luke Walton, who was an assistant coach during the 2014-2015 season when the
Warriors won the NBA title, has been making every line-up out, calling every time-out,
and making all the substitutions as the head coach of the team. But you know who gets
credit for every single of the team's wins this season?

Steve Kerr.

That's right. The coach who led the Warriors to the NBA title a year ago, but hasn't coached
a single game this year because of a back problem, gets all those wins tacked on to his
overall coaching record. He's done nothing but watch every game from afar, whether it
be in the owners box or his bedroom at home, and he gets to chalk up every win to his
career-winning percentage.

How ridiculous.

NBA rules state that Kerr is still the "coach of record" so even if he doesn't come back
this year, he will get all the wins--and the losses (if Golden State ever loses a game. Wink,

Luke Walton can win his first 50 games and it won't even matter. His record will be
0-0 because league rules state that Kerr is the "coach of record", not Walton.

Have you heard of any rule in sports that is so absurd? The Tuck rule in the NFL was stupid,
but this NBA rule is just asinine. Even Kerr doesn't want any part of it or the wins he's racking
up without breaking so much as a sweat.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Kerr said. “I’m sitting in the locker room and watching the
games on TV, and I’m not even traveling to most of the road games. Luke’s doing all the
work with the rest of the staff. Luke is 20-0 right now. I’m not. So it’s the dumbest thing
I’ve ever heard, to be honest with you. I don’t even understand it.”

Neither do most people, except for maybe the brilliant folks who run the NBA.

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