Sunday, December 27, 2015


Do I care if Peyton Manning may have used HGH?

Not really.

I hate to break the news to you, but 80 percent of the players on your favorite team have
probably used HGH during some point of their careers. The game is just too violent, too
competitive, and there is too much money to be made not risk using the drug that wasn't
tested for by the NFL before 2014.

Since that the year, the NFL's testing program for HGH hasn't caught a single player using
the drug. Imagine that. It's because the NFL's program is a joke and in reality, the league
isn't all that interested in catching every cheater in the game. If they did,  the game wouldn't
be all that exciting. Look at Major League Baseball. After serious testing was implemented,
pitching has dominated and there haven't been very many 50, 60, or 70 home run seasons.

Zzzzzzzzz.....boring. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say baseball was
better when the players were all jacked up, I'd be a millionaire several times over.

The NFL and its fans have always wanted players bigger, stronger, and faster. It makes
for a much better game. Players are like the gladiators in the Coliseum in Rome and the
spectators are thirsty for violence from participants who are physical specimens. And like
the spectators in the Coliseum, fans in NFL stadiums could care less what a player is
doing with their bodies. In the NFL, chances are, they are ALL on something.

If they want to abuse their bodies with drugs, so be it. It's their lives, their career, and
their bodies.

Among other things, athletes use HGH to recover from injuries faster. The drug builds
muscle quicker and cuts down recovery time. Remember when former pitcher Andy
Petitte was outted for using HGH in the Mitchell Report? Good 'ole Andy said he used
it to recover from an elbow injury quicker and he felt he owed the Yankees to get
back on the field sooner.

And you know what? People bought his act and his excuse. Petitte seemed to get a free
pass while other players got ridiculed and scorned for using HGH. They were cheaters
but good 'ole Andy was a team guy and just wanted to get healthy quicker.

Good, grief.

Peyton Manning was recovering from neck surgery in 2011 and according to the
documentary by Al Jazeera, he used HGH, and chances are, he used it, much like Petitte
to recover much quicker and now he's the biggest cheater since Lance Armstrong.

Manning hasn't claimed he's passed every drug test ever given (like Armstrong did)
but the legendary QB has said, (like Armstrong did) the report about him using HGH
is not true, which is pretty much what every athlete says after being named in a report.

Manning's defenders will say that when he may have used HGH it wasn't illegal or
even tested for in the NFL.  His critics will say, yeah, but he's still a cheater.

There are many who feel Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings used HGH to
recover from an ACL injury in less than six months. Getting back on the field after
a surgery like that had never been done so quickly, but Peterson was back running
better than ever. Has anyone ever said anything about the size of Peterson's skull?
It's Barry Bonds-like. I don't remember it being like that when he was at Oklahoma.

In the court of public opinion, Peyton Manning has already been cast as a stone-cold
cheater. Our society loves to rush to judgment, convict, and condemn. With Twitter,
Facebook, and all the other social media vehicles, it's just the way of the world.

A person who may have used something (not illegal at the time in the NFL) to enhance
his performance is tainted forever. Many say the same thing about Tom Brady for
allegedly deflating balls.

Critics will say Manning used the drug to extend his career and pile up the stats to
break even more records.

Players in the NFL will shrug and say amongst themselves, Manning was probably
doing what everybody's been doing in this league for years, he just may have gotten
caught. Too bad for him.

That's just the way the NFL is and they don't care if the game isn't squeaky clean.
Just as long as the ratings continue to grow and the golden goose continues to make
everybody filthy rich.

Man, that kind of sounds like the arrogance of Major  League Baseball during the
Steroid Era. Perhaps, this is just the start of the HGH-era in the NFL.

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