Monday, December 14, 2015



Peter Rose never owed up to what he did to the game of baseball. Never got help
for his gambling addiction. Never realized that one has to tell the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth if forgiveness is to be granted.

In summation, the all-time hits leader just never got it.

Monday, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred refused to lift the lifetime ban on Rose which
was slapped on him in 1989 after it was discovered the Reds' manager bet on baseball, the
cardinal sin of the sport. Rose thumbed his nose and raised his middle finger to the rule,
shattering it, acting like he was above it and bigger than the game.

For 15 years after former commissioner Bart Giamatti banned him from the game, Rose
denied he ever bet on baseball. He could never come clean---unless there was big money
involved, of course, and that happened in 2004 when Rose was pimping his book. He
finally admitted what everybody already knew: he bet on baseball.

In his meeting with Manfred several months ago, Rose told the new commissioner he still
bet on sports, including baseball. Betting on baseball after all these years? I'm sure that was
just music to the ears of Manfred. Are you kidding me?

On that alone, Manfred really had no choice but to reject Rose. How can any
commissioner that has to protect the integrity and sanctity of the game, allow a person who
has a compulsive personality and a clear addiction to gambling, back in the game?

If Manfred lifted the ban knowing Rose still bets on baseball, he would be vilified, not
to mention laughed at. Yeah, Pete, you're good to go, but just don't do something you've
been doing for the last 30 years, if not longer.

That's almost akin to giving your life savings for Bernie Madoff to invest after he robbed
all his clients blind. Just dang stupid.

There are a lot of fans who only saw what Rose did on the baseball field and say, "He
deserves to be back in baseball and in the Hall of Fame." No, he doesn't. They will say,
"Rose has paid the price and has changed." No, he hasn't.

Allowing Rose back in the game would be a bad message to every player in the game
now and those who make it to the big leagues one day.

Oh, you can bet on baseball, pay your price, and get back in one day as all will be forgiven.

Rose should continue to be the poster boy for what betting on the game and your own team.
He should be the example for what can happen to your career and reputation if you break the
biggest and most important rule in the game.

I've heard some argue that all those players who got busted for PED's are no different
than Rose. They couldn't be more wrong. During the Steroid Era, there weren't rules
about taking steroids. You can't break rules if there are none. Yes, it was cheating but
it wasn't illegal at the time.

None were ever banned forever from the game. Those who vote on entry to the Hall of
Fame have made it clear the ones who boosted their stats with steroids, probably won't ever
get in. (Bonds, Clemens, Palmiero, etc.)

Rose poisoned the game. He blew up the integrity of it. Major League Baseball wouldn't
be so ignorant as to have it polluted again by guy who just doesn't get it. 

Rose is done. He won't see his plaque in Cooperstown before the passes away.

It's a sad thing. Then again, so is Pete Rose.

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