Sunday, November 22, 2015


Saturday's setting for a college football game was nearly perfect. Notre Dame and Boston
College, two of the most powerful Catholic schools in the county, squaring off on the sacred
grounds of Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the major leagues. Throw in a
world-class city that wreaks of history and you had the makings of an unforgettable night.

I just wish Notre Dame would forget about wearing those nasty green uniforms ever again.
The uniforms the Fighting Irish wore for the Shamrock series were a sham and actually made
the ones the Jacksonville Jaguars wore Thursday night look good!

The decision makers inside the walls of South Bend should have their head examined for
approving those uniforms for public display. All-green uniforms topped off with a helmet
that looked like Christmas ornament is just not a good-look. They are Notre Dame, not
North Dakota State. It's too bad Notre Dame got sucked into the bad uniform craze, choosing
to chase Oregon instead of standing pat and being proud of its history.

Oh, I get it. Many high school stars pick their schools based on how many and how cool
the uniforms of their prospective schools are. (I kid you not). Notre Dame has sold its souls
to Under Armour (their apparel provider) not to mention tradition for the sake of trying to
influence a star recruit.

All those prospective recruits were part of national audience Saturday night and to them,
those nasty green uniforms probably looked cool.  Not sure how cool Brian Kelly felt he
looked wearing those nasty green pants on the sideline. The perpetual grimace on his face
probably came from watching his team turn the ball over five times, but looking at those
uniforms may have contributed to it.

I am glad schools like Alabama, Penn State, and USC never succumbed to the stupid
uniform craze. Tradition means something to them. I'm thrilled Michigan chose to
return to a uniform that nearly everyone identifies with. I'm elated my alma mater,
North Carolina, came to its senses and went back to their classic uniforms.

Notre Dame, in many ways, are the New York Yankees of college football. They
have great history, tradition, and like the Yankees, have many people who love to hate
them. What they don't have is a classic uniform like the pinstripes. The franchise
never gave in to having names on the back of the jersey or alternate ones. It works
for the Yankees. It works for the Chicago Black Hawks. It works for the Montreal

Change is not always good.

I don't even know which uniform is the one Notre Dame wants people to identify
with and that's too bad. I do know they should trash the ones they wore Saturday
night forever.

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