Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's the silly season in college football.

Athletic administrators and presidents who have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes
and monster egos are contemplating firing coaches who've had tremendous success.

The University of Georgia which is still living off the Herschel Walker-driven national
championship team of 1980, just showed Mark Richt the door after a very successful 15-year
run where he won 75 percent of his games and led the Bulldogs to 14 bowl games. Richt
was a class act all the way and represented the university with great character and integrity.

Trouble was, he just didn't win enough. Richt only had one losing season, but in this day
and age of the college playoff and huge payoffs, Richt just wasn't getting it done.

How sad. How very sad.

LSU contemplated firing Les Miles despite the 'mad hatter' having the best winning
percentage of any coach in Baton Rouge in the modern era. He won a national championship,
two SEC titles and 78 percent of his games.

Yet, that wasn't enough to satisfy the real power brokers at the school who are obsessed
with making the "Final Four" of college football. They tune into ESPN every Tuesday night
and were crushed to find their good ole Tigers were not among the four best teams in the
country. How could that be, they asked. We are LSU! It must be the head coach.
He's got to go.

LSU caught themselves at the right time, saving themselves national embarrassment for
firing a coach who has been successful.

I find it funny, not to mention hypocritical, these administrators ask these coaches to win
a lot of games, keep the program clean, and uphold the reputation of the university  and
when they do, it's suddenly not enough.

These administrators always think they can get someone better, as if it's so easy
to wave a magic wand and plug somebody who can do better than winning 78 percent
of the team's games.

Nebraska thought it could do better than Bo Pellini. He went 9-3 just about every year
in Lincoln but it wasn't good enough. You know how many schools would take 9-3
every year?

However, the power brokers found Pellini hard to work with and grew
tired out his outbursts on the sidelines. Nobody seems to have a problem with Brian
Kelly going postal on the sideline for Notre Dame, but Pellini is a bad, bad guy
because he yells at the refs and a few of his players.

Nebraska couldn't wait to get rid of Pellini and they thought they got something
better in Mike Riley. He's a nice guy, that Mike Reilly. Doesn't yell and scream and
says, "yes, sir" to his bosses. How'd Nebraska do this year? Not good. A 5-6 record.

Man, I'm sure 9-3 with Pellini looks pretty good to the diehards in Lincoln right about
now. 5-6!? That's not the Nebraska we know, is it? Oh, right, Mike Reilly is a kinder,
gentler, more behaved coach than Reilly!

It's absurd.

The San Francisco 49ers hired Jim Harbaugh to win games and turn the franchise around.
He did that immediately, leading the franchise to three NFC championship games and
a Super Bowl appearance. It wasn't enough, though. Management didn't like the way
Harbaugh acted,  rubbing their satin-soft feathers the wrong way. They all but
showed Harbaugh the door.

How are the 49ers doing this day after hiring Jim Tomasula, a kinder, gentler coach
than Harbaugh ever was? Yes, they are a mess.

It's too bad these college administrators and NFL executings are so badly influenced
by boosters, Twitter, sports-talk radio, and the media. They should just look at the record,
the person, and be thankful what they have. As we've seen in places like Nebraska and
San Francisco, the next best thing is not even mediocre.

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