Thursday, November 5, 2015


'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' 
                                                                               -George Santayana Italian philosopher

The people of Bridgeport, CT.,  have short memories or perhaps, they have no memory at all.
Joe Ganim, the mayor they elected for a sixth time, was sent off to prison in 2003 after
being convicted on federal corruption charges.

I'm guessing good ole' Joe figured he was worth far more than the $52,000 salary he was
being paid to clean up the crime-ridden, heavily underemployed city he was in charge of.
So, he did what many politicians seem to do: he got dirty.

According to the FBI, Ganim used his power over a six-year period to 'supplement' his
income. He shook down city contractors for more than $500,000 in cash, meals, fine clothing,
wine, and renovations.

Yes, Ganim lived the good life---until he got caught.

Ganim spent seven years in the Big House for padding his lifestyle and betraying the city
he worked for. After all his crimes, who could possibly like, trust, or even think about putting
Ganim in office again?

If you said Bridgeport, you are absolutely correct.

On Tuesday night, Bridgeport elected Ganim mayor of the city once again. It completed
the most stunning of comebacks and validated Bridgeport as one of the most ignorant cities
this country has ever seen.

It's almost akin to investors giving all their money to Bernie Madoff after he stole everything
from his former ones. It's kind of like the next wife of Tiger Woods trusting him in a room
full of strippers and porn stars after seeing what he did to his former wife. It's almost like
thinking Anthony Weiner won't sext anymore after giving him a cellphone and a chat room
filled with women even more wacky than him.

Bridgeport voted in a man who couldn't even vote for himself because as a convicted felon,
Ganim lost that privilege. But while he couldn't vote, Ganim could run and hold office again

Only in Amercia and most definitely, only in the Bridgeport, CT. Oh, wait a minute. I should
include Washington D.C, because after its mayor, Marion Barry, was caught on camera in
1990 smoking crack with a few escorts, he went to prison only to be re-elected after he served
his time in a federal prison.

Perhaps, Bridgeport is just the most forgiving city in America. Maybe they just believe in
second chances. (That could happen since so many in Bridgeport have been arrested just like
Joe Ganim).

Or perhaps, the people of Bridgeport felt they had nothing to lose because they don't really
have much at all except high-crime rates, high-unemployment, and a lot of folks who get
high a good majority of the time.

Joe Ganim is truly one of them and it could be Ganim and Brideport are just made for each
other. To them, Ganim is their inspiration now. A man who has proved that impossible
is nothing.

But if history does, in fact, repeat itself, will anybody really be surprised? Nope, and most
of all, not the people of Bridgeport, U.S.A.


  1. Interesting read and thanks for sharing. Felt the same way when my beloved state of Florida elected our current governor, Rick Scott. We gave him the keys to the state and ignored the fact that he was the former CEO of a healthcare company found guilty of the largest Medicaid, several billion dollars, fraud case in history. One of his first initiatives after being elected was to spearhead an effort to require drug testing of all welfare recipients. Guess who got the contract to do all the testing paid for by the state? A laboratory services company owned by his wife. Go figure.

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