Tuesday, November 24, 2015


ESPN made one glaring error when they laid off nearly 300 staffers in October: They didn't
include Ray Lewis among the cuts. Doing so would've saved the World Wide Leader of Sports
significant money and further embarrassment.

During Monday nights pre-game show in Foxboro, the former All-Pro linebacker proved once
again his brain can't keep up with his mouth or that he should really be a case study for the
effects of violent collisions on the cranium after playing 13 years in the NFL.

When talking about Rex Ryan and Belichick and whom he'd rather play for, Lewis dropped
some knowledge that had many people, including co-analyst, Steve Young, rolling their
eyes and laughing out loud.

"I'm not choosing nobody else but Rex Ryan," Lewis said. "If you're asking me Bill Belichick
or Rex Ryan, I'm taking Rex Ryan all day because Rex relates to players as well as myself
more like a father."

Good, Lord.

ESPN needs to put Lewis on irrevocable waivers, trade him for a lug-nut to be named later,
or just flat-out cut him for conduct detrimental to the team.

The only thing more comical and downright inconceivable than that statement, was watching
Lewis promote his book a few weeks ago. Lewis writing a book is akin to Anthony Weiner
curbing his addiction to sexting with every version of the iPhone in his hand with a stable
of porn stars at his side. The autobiography must've set the record for number of pictures
or translations of the codes Lewis 'writes' or talks in.


I get that Lewis played for Ryan while the two were in Baltimore and might want to show
his fierce loyalty to the Buffoon of the Bills, but Lewis showed nothing more than his true
ignorance with that statement. Perhaps, he felt that if Tedy Bruschi can drool over his
former coach and team every time he gets on SportsCenter, then he should get equal time
for effusing praise on Rex even if it's as transparent as Saran-Wrap.

Ryan over Belichick? That topic isn't even worth anyone's time.

The statement about Lewis taking Ryan over Belichick "all day" was almost as absurd as
the one former Raven made when discussing the Ray Rice situation during September of
last year.

"We're here because we saw a friend of mine brutally hit his wife in the face in an elevator.
There's some things you can cover up, and then there's some things you can't."

Yep, because Lewis is an expert in cover-ups. You may remember Lewis was charged
in the deaths of two men after a melee in Atlanta in 2000. Those charges were eventually
dropped but the obstruction of justice charge stuck to his record and police said Lewis
lied to them during the investigation. As for the full-length, white fur coat Lewis was
was wearing that night, you know that was allegedly spotted with blood,  it was never

Cover-up? Yep, if Bo knows sports, then Ray knows cover-ups.

Ray Lewis is a time bomb of stupidity. Every producer and executive holds their
collective breaths when it's Lewis' turn to speak. He is a Bill Buckner waiting to
happen every single time the camera light turns red. I just wonder why ESPN has
never included the stupidity of Lewis in their NOT Top 10 plays of the week.

Man, it's bad enough the sports world has to listen to Stephen A. Smith and Skip
Bayless. ESPN needs to address Ray Lewis with the "Coors Light Cold, Hard Facts:
He needs to go. Now.

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