Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

                                                                Dean Wormer in "Animal House".

Luke Gatti isn't fat but there's no question the 19-year-old student at UConn was drunk
and stupid and would've felt the wrath of the Dean of Faber College in the classic movie,
"Animal House."

Gatti was clearly drunk and very stupid when he confronted a food court manager after
he was denied service and his favorite dish, mac n' cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers.

Of course, the entire scene was recorded by a fellow student and downloaded on YouTube
to be viewed by millions. Forget about breaking up a confrontation, everything in life is
now just content for Twitter, Facebook, and YoutTube and just has to be documented to see
how many 'likes' can be accumulated in a short amount time.

Gatti, who has already been kicked out of UMass, is probably hoping time will help people
forget his boorish and despicable behavior. However, with everything on the Internet
forever, somehow I don't think that will be possible.

Sunday night, Gatti quenched his thirst with more than a few alcohol beverages but needed
to soothe his appetite with mac and cheese with bacon and jalepeno peppers. According to
several UConn students, this dish can only be described as "food crack." Gatti just had to
have it.

Gatti needed his fix, but a stubborn food court manager wouldn't let him get it because
he was drunker than drunk. Gatti was determined to get his mac and cheese but the food
court manager held his ground. He endured homophobic slurs, jokes about his job, and
a middle-finger in his face, but did not lose his cool.

Nice. Real nice.

The video captured a kid who was clearly entitled, disrespectful, and downright rude.
In many ways, it was a microcosm of our society today. Not everyone, but a good majority
of it. We don't seem to have a lot of respect for others and have little regard for their
well-being. Embarrass them, get a laugh at the expense of others---it's all good, they say.

I got the feeling Gatti thought he had his daddy in his back pocket and ready to whip
him out to protect him from the law as well as getting the food court manager to
acquiesce to the kid's demand for mac and cheese. Can you imagine the embarrassment
his parents are feeling today? "Hey, George, I saw your kid on YouTube today. Is
he going to be okay?"

As Gatti was pinned to the ground after going all Bobby Knight on the food court manager,
he could be heard saying,  "I am absolutely (screwed).

You got that one thing right, Lucas Gatti. You are screwed.

You not only got arrested but in this social-media driven world, you are now the
laughingstock of the planet. Perhaps, Anthony Weiner will do something stupid later to
rinse your story from the spin cycle, but as of right now, you are "trending."

Unfortunately, for you, it's never going to truly go away. It's on the Internet forever.
Good luck going for a job interview after a prospective employer has Googled you to see
your despicable behavior.

Do you think anyone wants to work with a guy like you? How will you explain that behavior?

I imagine you'll just tell them the mac n' cheese was to die for.

Nice job, kid. You just got expelled from UConn. Good luck.

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