Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Sadly, Lamar Odom has become America's newest reality show. He's the train wreck
the media has become obsessed with and is now feeding a social-media driven world
with incessant updates about his recovery and, of course, how the Kardashian's are
dealing with it

Yep, the Kardashians. They are the first family of reality shows who are akin to vultures
hovering over road kill, determined to pick off whatever they can to nourish themselves
(and their bank accounts).  Odom, a former NBA star who rode on Kobe's coat tails to
get a couple of championship rings with the Lakers, hitched his trailer to Khloe and became
woven into the fabric of the Kardashians, who some dim-wits view as reality TV royalty.

Early last week, Odom went on the mother of all benders, traveling to a sleazy brothel
in Las Vegas and dropping down $75,000 to have round the clock 'relations' with a pair
of hookers. He also blew coke up is nose and shoveled down 10 herbal sex enhancement
pills called "Re-load". Insert your own jokes here ______________________________.

Odom lost consciousness and was in a world of hurt before an amazing recovery. I am
glad that Odom is alive today, I really am. He was far luckier than other depressed-ridden
individuals who never made it back after inhaling or swallowing a bad dose of cocktails
not quite as toxic as the one Odom endured.

The media has been there every single step of the way, treating Odom as if he were
Kobe Bryant instead of Khloe's ex-husband. Oh, wait, what is that alert coming across
my screen?

BREAKING NEWS: Khloe has requested her divorce from Lamar be withdrawn and
and a judge has granted it.

Of course he has. In the world of reality television, the plot has just thickened and for
the Kardashians, there are big dollar signs in their eyes. What can be better for them
than the cameras following Khloe and Lamar as they re-kindle their romance which
aids in the dramatic recovery of Lamar?

Seriously, you don't think this has already passed through the mind of Ryan Seacrest,
the creator and executive producer of the show about the Kardashians? He's thinking

It's scary to think what happens to those who are part of the Kardashian empire,
especially men, or those who used to be men, anyway. Bruce Jenner hung around them
so much, he wanted to become a woman. Lamar was driven to near-death. James Harden,
you better run as far away from the Kardashians as you possibly can. They might make
you do something really stupid like cut off your beard! Now, that would be really tragic.

It's all so sad. The media, the Kardashians, and Lamar's near death experience that was
all self-inflicted. In a lot of circles, Odom would be viewed as a pathetic pig. He pays
$75,000 for sex with some low-life hookers, gets wasted out of his mind and almost dies.
But to others, Odom is a bona-fide star. Pathetic.

Sorry, if you think I'm being insensitive. I am not. Odom has serious problems and I
hope he gets help, just as long as it's out of view of the cameras. I don't want to see
him on 'Celebrity re-hab' with Khloe sitting by his side. I really don't. Unfortunately,
it's probably going to happen.

In Hollywood, everything is about money and staying relevant---no matter what. And
this appears to be a case of no matter what.

It's all so sick and twisted. All of it.

I wish the media would focus their intentions on the real heroes and not rinse them
out of the news cycle so quickly. I was watching those three young men who thwarted
the terrorist attack on the train in Germany and was screaming, "These guys are real
heroes. They should become household names." Sadly, they did not. But Lamar Odom
certainly is. Why?

Do you know who Chris Mintz is? Probably not. He's the guy in Oregon who rushed
the gunman at a community college, taking seven bullets in the process, saving a number
of lives. Chris Mintz should be a household name, but he is not. Lamar Odom is.

It's so warped, so ridiculous, and such an indictment of our society today.

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