Thursday, September 24, 2015


Imagine if Pope Francis took time out from his whirlwind tour through the United States to
talk about some of the issues in the sports world today. What would he say, what would he
think? I could only imagine....

The Pope on Deflategate:

"What a colossal waste of time, energy, and money. The NFL could've donated the
$5 million they spent on some "independent" investigation that was anything but independent
and given it to the homeless. That would've been money well-spent"

The Pope on Bill Belichick:

He reminds me of Satan, but I'd love to get one of his Hoodies to watch the NFL on Sundays
after Mass.

The Pope on the one sports figure he'd like to play him in the movie:

That's easy. DITKA. He was a saint, you know.

The Pope on Yogi Berra's passing:

"It's finally over. What a life he had. He came to a fork in the road and he used it well.
When I pass away, I hope I can sit next to him in God's dugout"

The Pope on Tiger Woods:

"He sold his soul to the devil and look what happened. I like Jack Nicklaus, anyway. He
wasn't going to break the Golden Bear's record. No way."

The Pope on his favorite baseball team:

"The Cardinals, of course. Albert Pujols said God told him to be an Angel, but if he asked
me, I would've told him to stay in St. Louis forever. That city loves baseball with all their
heart. Anaheim will always be the red-headed stepchild to the Dodgers."

The Pope on New Orleans Saints:

They need more than a miracle to make the playoffs. After they finally won a Super
Bowl a few years back, the well has run dry. They are out of luck---and divine intervention,
I"m afraid.

The Pope on the Matt Harvey rules:

"He'll never play on God's team."

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