Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Tuesday is national Coffee Day. It's also national Confucius Day. I kid you not. According
to some calendar I looked up, September 30 is national Chewing Gum Day. Woo-hoo!
Maybe Bazooka bubble gum will pass out free chunks of gum!

What the hell is going on here?!

It seems like every day is national something day. National dog day, rock-skipping day,
cat day, make your bed day, bird day, chocolate day....I'm half-expecting the NFL to come
up with a national Patriots cheating day. All these days are maddening!

Who is coming up with all these national days?

Is it because of the content tsunami that is social media? Are people making up these days
as we go along? Sometimes I think all these morning talk shows have conspired to produce
all these national days just so they have so ridiculous content to fill out there shows.

It seems rather silly to me and for a person who sometimes appreciate silly, it's borderline

Have we just become too bored with life. Is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram not enough
where everyday seems to be national selfie and love thyself day?

I can't wait until the calendar flips to October because there are some great national days
coming up.

October 4 is national vodka day

October 6 is national chocolate chip day.

October 8 is national noodle day.

Man, who said life is boring? With all these days you can fat, drunk, and noodled in the
span of five days. THAT IS LIVING!

Some days that I'd like to put on the national calendar:

October 15.....national beat-up Stephen A. Smith Day. What would be better than everyone
going to Bristol and punching the ESPN loudmouth in the face?

October 16....national Don Orsillo Day. We honor the soon-to-be former voice of the Red
Sox after the good guy got screwed by NESN and the team he covered for 15 tremendous

October 17....national ban on Selfie Day. This would be one day where America would
go deaf, dumb, but certainly not blind. A day without a selfie? Impossible.

Ah, yes, no wonder Donald Trump wants to make American great again. These national
days aren't making us look very good.

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