Thursday, September 10, 2015


There is such beauty in the irony of 'Do Your Job', the documentary unveiled on the NFL
Network on the eve of the season. The NFL tried its hardest to smear and damage the
success of the Patriots in all of their witch hunts during 'Deflate-gate', yet allowed their
production team and own network to reveal the truth about why the team has won four
Super Bowls and been to six of them during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seemed obsessed with smearing the greatness of Brady
over the last seven months and throwing gasoline on a fire for a football nation that already
hated the Patriots, who were branded as cheaters for good in 2007 for their starring role
in 'Spygate.'

You can't change ignorance, but you can change perception and thanks to the NFL and a documentary that didn't include one, "according to unnamed source" attribution, the Patriots
are looked at a lot differently today than they were yesterday and their success has nothing
to do with cheating. The reality is, they are just better coached, better prepared, and mentally
tougher than every other team in the league. If you can't see that after last night's show, then
you can't be helped.

The Patriots did their job and almost by accident, the NFL really did theirs by showing in
pictures what makes the Patriots great. There were no "unnamed sources" or false information.
Just a documentary of what actually happens behind closed doors with the Patriots.

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