Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's going to happen.

Sadly, the death of an infant at a ballpark near you, is going to occur, and like
most stupid things, it could've been avoided.

During Monday night's game in Anaheim, a man wanted a $5 baseball so desperately, he
almost sacrificed the health of his little girl to get it. Seeing him, a "grown man" with
a glove in one hand while cradling a kid in the other sounded off the alarm this guy
was already a complete idiot.

Sorry, if you're a "grown" man bringing a glove to a game, you have some issues.

The camera kept cutting back to the man acting like a child trying reach over a small
fence to get a baseball. As he leaned far over the fence, his little girl was leaning far
over the fence as well, her curly-blonde hair just inches from hitting the ground.

All because of a damn baseball.

The "grown" man didn't get the baseball, but it's my hope he got an earful from his
wife at home and his co-workers in the office. The words, "You are a total idiot" were
probably seared in what little brain matter he has.

These pictures of parents holding their infants while catching a baseball at a game
have become all too familiar in this social media-driven world---and frightening.

I've never understood the desire to get a baseball at a game. Is it the need to get
on 'SportsCenter' or become trending on Twitter? It's just a baseball, that's it, that's

Has anybody ever said that about your precious baby? It's just a baby, that's it, that's
all? Of course not. So why "Mr. I-want-to-catch-a-ball-even-if-my-kid-has-to-go-down
with-me" do you have to be so friggin' stupid?

This needs to stop, like right now. Is major league baseball or law enforcement going
to wait until after a six-month old girl falls from the upper deck because her father
had to be a hero and catch a ball to do something?

These parents who put their children's lives in danger in an attempt to get a baseball
should be arrested on the spot. I'm serious. People who leave their infants in a sun-baked
car are getting arrested, so why shouldn't the fools who dangle their kids over concrete
get sent to the police station as well.

It's insane and flat-out stupid.

Dear Major League Baseball: do something now before something tragic happens.
There is no excuse for not taking a precaution to help a catastrophic even in a ballpark
near you.

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