Monday, June 1, 2015


When Vanity Fair unveiled Caitlyn Jenner Monday, she officially became the freak show
in the social media circus. The former Olympic champion morphed into that two-car wreck
on the side of the highway that people just have to qawk at and bring traffic to a near halt.

He/She will be the topic of conversation around the water cooler, at the gym, or at dinner
parties because it's not everyday a gold medalist and member of the Kardashian Komedy
Klub does something like this.

Yes, the transformation of Bruce Jenner, once the world's greatest athlete, to a woman is
nearly complete. And the reaction of most everybody on the planet is sure to be predictable:

"Ok, even in this wacked out world we live in, Caitlyn's coming out party is just downright
weird and creepy."

There will be raging debates on many of the mindless, comical, and ignorant talk shows
and people who don't even know Jenner, much less ever met him, will become obsessed
with his/her transformation. There will be memes posted on Facebook and jokes on the
late night talk shows ad nauseam.

That's just the way our world works, doesn't it. We try to get a cheap laugh at the expense
of others. Many people will be cruel in their words about Jenner and there will be a few
who see Jenner in public and mock, stare, giggle at him, and in some cases, call her/him
vicious names.

It sure happens in our schools every single day, so why don't you think it's going to happen
when Jenner is just trying to be his or her self? Yep, he/she could get bullied to the point of
total humiliation like many young kids who end up doing the unthinkable and commit
suicide. If you don't think bullying is still a major problem in our country just Google
 "school suicides"and see how many were the result of kids getting picked on.

We figure a grown man/woman would be immune to this modern day game of sticks an
stones, but deep down inside, Jenner will be hurt.

This is a time in society when parents should sit down with their kids and tell them
it's not OK to tease, taunt, and torture anyone in their school. There is no good reason
to push a fellow student to the brink of suicide by saying cruel and unflattering things to

This is the time parents reiterate the pitfalls of going on social media and making
inappropriate comments about someone and warn them of the consequences.

Children usually take the lead of their parents, so this is not the time for the people
who are role models to use Jenner as ammunition to get the biggest laugh at a party
or with their buddies on the golf course.

It's time for parents to tell their kids it's OK to be who they want to be, that's one of
the things that makes this country great. I've had co-workers switch over to the other
side and I thought about it for about 1.5 seconds and moved on. I've never understood
why another person's choice affects anyone else. It's their choice and their life, deal
with it and move on.

There is no need to try and make yourself feel better by launching a verbal assault
and humiliating them.

Caitlyn Jenner is not the first athlete to switch sides and cause some controversy. She/he
certainly won't be the last. Remember Dr. Renee Richards who crossed court and
played  in the women's bracket of the Grand Slams in tennis?

The world got over that and although it may take awhile, it will certainly get over
the Caitlyn Jenner 'situation.'

It is my hope that our society can learn something from this and pass it on to our
children. As painful as it may be, kids should learn that it's not OK to bully and
humiliate someone. Let people be who they want to be. It is no business of yours.

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