Wednesday, June 17, 2015


If events do indeed happen in three's, then I'm a bit frightened who is going to be the
next trans-something.

First, there was the former athlete formerly known as Bruce going trans-gender. Next
came Rachel Dolezal, who was born white but 'identified' as black, which the media
quickly labeled as trans-racial.

After watching Dolezal's interview with Samatha Gunthrie of NBC, one that was filled
with strange and evasive answers, my brain went trans-confused.

Yep, "trans" has become the big buzz word in the lightning-quick news cycle. Gosh,
even trans fats made headlines on Tuesday when the FDA said companies had to
eliminate them from all foods within the next three years.

Of course, this whole "trans" thing is really nothing new, it just seems that way
because of the social media phenomenon and the voracious appetite news organizations
have to chomp on things that draw big ratings. Dr. Renee Richards went from man to
full-fledged woman in the 70's and competed in women's professional tennis, playing
against the likes of Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova.

It's funny how nobody ever described Richards as hero for having the courage to
become a transsexual, yet Caitlyn Jenner crosses over and ESPN's hands her the
Arthur Ashe "courage" award for being transgender.

This entire trans-thing can be a bit confusing and I'm sure in our copycat society
there will be more examples of it. I'm sure Dolezal's statement of 'idenitifying'
herself as black will make  others to feel a certain way, especially when it's convenient
(jobs, scholarships, etc.) for them. Dolezal tried to sue Howard University, a
pre-dominantly black university for discriminating here because she was white.

Can Dolezal have it both ways? Can anybody else?

It's become a trans-world these days, so we shall see.

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