Thursday, June 11, 2015


Let's face it. The social media super highway is the biggest platform for show-and-tell
in the history of mankind. People show off their kids, cars, selves with endless selfies, and
just about everything else under the sun.

That's cool and I don't have much of a problem with it because most of it is in good fun
and quite entertaining. I can do without the inordinate amount of selfies people take and post
before starting their cars, but that's just me. Another thing I can do without are pictures
of those 'Big Game' hunters smiling over the beautiful animals they just killed.

There is Billy Bob with the 12-point buck that was just nibbling on berries on a bush when
he picked it off with a high-powered rifle with a telescope strong enough to see a mosquito
on it's bum from 500 yards away

Oh, there's Thurston Howell IV on a safari next to his big kill. Yeah, he shot a beautiful
giraffe. Who the hell shoots and kills a giraffe? Yeah, that takes a lot of talent. A giraffe,
really? That's almost as bad as killing Bambi.


Of course, they all have to take a picture of it so they can do what else? Post it on Facebook
or Twitter or Instagram and any other social network people use these days. Yep, they
have to get the almighty 'likes' from all their friends because they slaughtered an elephant.
Killing an elephant? Man, that takes talent. Shoot at something as big as a school bus
with a bazooka and that's really something to be proud of.

How bout this for all those big game hunters? Why don't you level the playing field.
Go on your safari or hunting trip without a gun. Show off your speed and strength by
capturing and killing that deer with your bare hands.

Go into Africa and try to kill that lion without a gun. Now, that would be pretty
impressive. Too bad you'd get your head ripped off and eaten before that would ever

Oh, sure, I get the whole, "things like deer have to be eliminated because the population
is killing the vegetation" or whatever. Good, help everybody out, but do you really
have to a take a picture of your 'kill'?  Seriously, it's not that impressive. I'd rather see
another selfie or a picture of the dinner you're about to eat.

I realize the entire, "picture with your prize" has been around forever, but keep them
to yourself. Get them framed, hang them in the man cave and then show everybody
during your Super Bowl party. They are not for social media no matter how many
'likes' are out there to be had.

It's all stupid. Hunting, killing, and smiling over a dead animal. Taking pictures and
showing them off is even dumber.

Killing an animal is not an accomplishment. It's sick. Save the sickness and the pictures
for a private party. No one else really cares.

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  1. It is in our nature to destroy ourselves, and the world around us, we are parasites of the world- a virus - even the Bible knew this, ordering us to subdue the planet. When the world can no longer sustain us, it will deliver its own inevitable justice.