Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Since the introduction of the Internet, iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter, our society has taken
on more addictions that just alcohol, drugs, and sex. The social media world and the toys that
make it as addictive as crack to a junkie have become like a steroid to people who want to
take their self-absorption to a whole different level.

I'm starting to think some people can't start their cars in the morning without taking a selfie
and posting it on Facebook to start the day. I find it comical that people who are on TV can't
go through a day without taking a selfie of themselves on TV. And to those who feel the need
to take a selfie in the mirror with the iPhone in the picture, you look like total self-obsessed

But that's, OK. It's the world we live in so keep taking the selfies to feed your addiction. I
mean, really, it's far better than being hooked on prescription painkillers, right?

What's not all right is the direction all these self-absorbed people taking selfies is headed in.
Think South and straight into the gutter. People who are seemingly addicted to the almighty
 'like' are taking selfies of tragedy, misfortune, and disaster with big smiles on their faces.

After a building explosion in the East Village in NYC recently, a pack of girls posed for a
selfie with a fire raging and emergency personnel behind them. They actually stopped,
got out a selfie stick and captured a catastrophic moment with smiles on their faces.

I'm sure they were hoping to set a record on Facebook for the number of 'likes' they
received. Perhaps, they were dreaming of 'trending' on Twitter or wherever things trend
in the social media world these days. I'm sure there were giggle, hugs, and high-fives
after the girls checked the selfie and realized they had something 'good' to show their
friends on Facebook.

How nice---and sick.

Sensitivity for others in our society has gone straight into the cesspool. Seriously, who
in their right mind gets a thrill out of taking a picture at a scene where people's lives were
destroyed and the ones trying to save them fearlessly battle an inferno, putting their
own lives in jeopardy.

I realize that Facebook and Twitter have become the world's biggest stage for show n' tell,
but the need to get "the greatest selfie" has gone way overboard.

Several weeks ago, two selfie-addicted people stopped by a fire to get something to send
their friends instantaneously. They snapped a selfie, then in a bit of poetic justice, got
doused by the firefighters who were just doing their jobs.

How low is this sick obsession going to go? How long will it be before we see a bunch
of people smiling and taking a selfie while standing next to a man in the street
who is bleeding profusely while nearing his last breath? When is a selfie going to emerge
of a woman giving birth in the hospital?
Nothing is sacred anymore, nothing.
I guess that's what our society has become. Another addiction that perfectly captures
a lack of self-control and a blatant lack of respect for others.

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