Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Every time an athlete leaves a person's favorite team in free agency, I'm amazed at the
cries that follow:

"He had no loyalty and sold out for more money!"

"He's just another greedy athlete!"

"It's always about the money!"

Yep, its always about the money and that's not a bad thing.

Darrelle Revis left the New England Patriots, the best franchise in the NFL, for the chaos and
comedy of the New York Jets. Why? Because he got a boatload of cash, much of it guaranteed
to return to the team that drafted him. It will be the third team Revis has played for in the past
three years, making the All-Pro seem like a mercenary who is always chasing the almighty dollar.

Good for him.

I'll never begrudge an athlete, especially in the NFL, for trying to cash in on his talents.
The NFL is a brutal and harsh league that treats players like they are just meat on the hoof.
There is no such thing as loyalty. As soon as a player loses a half-a-step, can't separate from
a defender, or routinely gets beat off the edge, he's cut, usually for a younger player.

And we've seen what playing in the NFL does to a player physically and mentally, so if the
league is not going to take care of players after they retire, the player has to do what's best
for him when he's playing, and if that means chasing the cash instead of a ring, so what?

Most of us would do the exact same thing as Revis or any other player in the NFL. If
another company offers you a better deal with more money, benefits, and opportunity
for advancement, you mean to tell me you're going to say, "No way. I'm staying loyal to
my company." Please.

A great percentage of us would go across the street if another company offered us $10,000
more than what we're making. You don't think the guy working at McDonald's wouldn't
cross over to Burger King for an extra $2 a hour? Of course he would. It's the American way.

The average lifespan of an NFL player is just three and a half years. Players come, go, and
are never heard from again. They have only a small window to make big, big money. To
begrudge or hate them for giving their services to the highest-bidder is absurd.

Darrelle Revis helped the Patriots win a Super Bowl and the fans should appreciate that.
There is no guarantee the Patriots win another one with him in the secondary and certainly
the Jets won't win a Super Bowl with Revis as long as he's under contract. They are many
players away from getting to the promised land even with Revis.

Revis and other players have moved on for the money and that's not a bad thing.