Monday, March 2, 2015


We've often been told that we shouldn't spend any time worrying about things we can't
control. There isn't anything on the face of the earth that's less controllable than the weather,
yet, we bitch, moan, and cry about it until the cows come home.

Why do we continually gripe about something that we all know is going to happen if you're
living in the Northeast and Midwest from December to March? It gets friggin' cold. It snows
and usually snows a lot. Mother Nature can be a beast. Old Man Winter can get as chapped
as Bill Belichick at a press conference about deflated balls.

Just deal with it.

Embrace it.

But above all else, quit whining about it.

I mean, do we really have to see a Facebook news feed littered with snapshots pointing out
that it's minus 6 degrees? It's like a lot of things in life: it's not as bad as what we read, see, or
hear. Most of the time when we go outside after some overpaid, underachieving meteorologist
warns us not to leave the house, we end up saying, "Hey, it's not really that bad out."

Seems like every time there is an overhyped forecast, we all run to the supermarket as if
the end of the world is coming. Milk and bread go off the shelves as if people are going to
make the Last Supper instead of dealing with a snowstorm, which after it hits, means you
might have to stay in the house for a few extra hours. Heck, build a fire, read to the kids,
tell them how you used to walk 8 miles to school in a blinding snowstorm.

Do something, do anything, (Except complain about the weather. It's a waste of time,
energy, and emotions.)

Did you ever go for a run when it's snowing out? It's majestic and can be an exhilarating
experience. Or just go for a walk.

When was the last time anybody couldn't get out of the house because of the snow? Seriously,
this is 2015, not 1876. There are plowers looking to cash in and enough road crews in
your town to move a mountain, much less five inches of snow.

Oh, sure, I know the folks in the South aren't equipped to handle more than a half an inch
of snow and when that happens, they have to stay in an watch re-runs of the Daytona 500
from the last 20 years. We can give them a pass.

But instead of complaining about the weather which accomplishes absolutely nothing,
embrace the challenges of it. Get a workout and move a few piles of snow. Go out and
toboggan with the kids or build the world's biggest snowman. Take it all in. Take it slow
on the roads, but be sure to take the bad weather with the good.

Spring is just around the corner. Perhaps, all this snow and frigid temperatures will make
us appreciate the good weather just a little bit more.

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